Hex-a-doodle Magazine Feature April 13 2014, 1 Comment

Today I am sharing a quilt that is being featured in Quiltmaker's May/June '14 issue! They coined this quilt Hex-a-doodle! It is made with triangles and half-hexagons, so there are no tricky y-seams! 

This blog seems to feature the same color palette for the last few quilts.... it is one of my favorites! Blue, green, teal, navy and lime scrappy triangles make up the hexagon rings that surround the hexagons. The hexagon centers are Menagerie Onyx from Sarah Watson's Indian Summer fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics

I really dug through all my fabric to pull this quilt. I even fussy cut a few of my favorites to be sure they made it into a triangle. Below you can see two of my favorites: the little mustached men in cars and Lizzy House's constellations. My Mom (Wolf Creek Quilting) quilted large spirals in the animal hexagons and a triangle meander in the surrounding triangles. 

This was the first large quilt I made in my smaller sewing room (read all about it here) and I never saw the whole thing from far away when I finished the top. Up close, the hexagons didn't blend into the triangles as much as they do from further back. =/ I was a little disappointed, but I still like all my little treasures in the triangles. The next one I make will just have a little more contrast! 

Here it is in the issue! I love seeing how they style the quilts. They put the Hex-a-doodle quilt on a bed with a teal sheet and lime pillow. Perfect combination! 

This issue of Quiltmaker is on sale at newsstands now! You can purchase print issues and digital PDF issues through the Quilt and Sew Shop online. I will definitely be making a few more of these quilts; it flew together! 

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back to see what else we have cooked up for this Spring! Happy Sewing!