Summer Lovin’ is about all the small moments. The lingering warmth of sand as you watch the sun disappear behind the waves. Cruising around the island in a retro van with a freshly plucked daisy in my hair. Tangy bites of fresh citrus as you stroll the Sunday farmers market. The colorful 70s wallpaper in your favorite vintage record shop. Sipping on cold drink on the patio as you watch a post storm rainbow appear.

Pura Vida, the Spanish phrase for “simple (or pure) life” encapsulates the Costa Rican culture. This line was inspired by not only the rich foliage, vibrant sunsets, mouthwatering food and phenomenal beaches of Central America, but also the true contentment felt when slowing down to enjoy life. Come explore Pura Vida with me and remind yourself to slow down enough to take in the beauty around you.

With everything happening in the world today, we are all slowing down and taking time to appreciate the little things. Shayla designed this versatile line with that in mind, combining her architectural graphic style with a few of her favorite things. Favorite Things hosts a vibrant spectrum of fun prints, a few functional low volume fabrics and a handful of unique neutrals.

Wanting to put a little more positivity out into the world, Shayla designed Good Vibes Only, a fabric line featuring uplifting words, bright colors and unique designs. This line features a text print of affirmations that looks great chopped up into patchwork, highlighted on a bag or tying a quilt together as the backing. In addition to the striking word print, Good Vibes Only hosts a vibrant spectrum of supporting prints, several soothing low volume fabrics and a few instrumental neutrals.

Shayla’s debut fabric line, Foundation, is a nod to her architecture studies. Foundation features hand-drawn designs on vibrant colors. These brights will mix beautifully into a variety of projects and boldly enhance any stash. The spectrum of colorful prints is balanced by several neutrals and low volume options.