"Dammit Jim, I'm a quilter not a mathematician!"  ;)

We spend a great deal of time writing our patterns and have them tested by some great sewers. This being said, we are all human and sometimes something gets by us, or could be explained in a clearer way. If you have any questions regarding our patterns, please feel free to email us. 

Alligator Alley

Background Cutting - cut the strips 7” x WOF to yield 2½” x 7” rectangles.

Arcadia Avenue

In the first printing, Block 7 - Cutting for the Medium should be (6) - 3" x 5½" (section A6) and the Dark should be (12) - 3" x 6½" (section 1) and (6) - 3" x 5½" (section B6)

Bubba Bowling Bag

In the "Adding the Piping" section, 72" should be 84" and 36" should be 42".

Bugsy Backpack

Find the sentence, "Push bag into lining with RST," under Closing Up the Bag Top and cross it out! Pretend like it was never there =] and in newer patterns it is no where to be found.
On patterns purchased before 2019, under "Attaching the Handles" follow the measurements in the text, not the image.
In the "Making the Pockets" section, sew along the 7" sides, not the 7.5" sides.

the Daily Duffle

The Bag Sides Template should be 10½", not 10". Click here for a PDF of the correct Bag Side Template.

Diamond Alley

In the cutting instructions for the Background fabric, cut: (3) 13" x WOF strips instead of (3) 12½" X WOF strips. If you have already cut them, do not fret! They will still work, just cut the Template pieces a ½" shorter.

Here is some additional information we added to the last page of the pattern to be a little clearer on how to put the quilt together (if your pattern says "Revised 5/15/13" in the lower left corner, then this is included):

• Sew the rows together on the diagonal adding setting triangles (Diagram 7).*** The setting triangles are oversized for ease of piecing. When adding the the setting triangles to the ends of rows, match the seam that will be inside the quilt, leaving the excess on the edge of the quilt. Try to keep the setting triangle’s straight of grain along the edges of the quilt. The edges will not be even, that is okay! The bottom right corner will fit differently because of the extra sashing. Don’t fret. It will be trimmed after the quilt is quilted. Iron towards sashing. Sew the rows together matching seams.***

• ***Helpful Hint*** When joining the blocks, sew with the sashing on the top and bias edges next to the feed dogs.

• To finish the quilt: layer the quilt top, batting and backing together. Quilt as desired. We trimmed the outer edge of the quilt, leaving 1/4" beyond the sashing points. This makes the diamonds float. Feel free to trim the quilt anyway you would like.

Empire Place

Page 6 - "You will need two Y and two Z Block Edge foundations to 1 complete each block." -and- Cutting for the Main Accent Fabric should be (3) - 12" x WOF; subcut into (72) 1½" x 12" rectangles (patch 2) Page 17 - You will need 2 of each patch size listed under "From each of the 14 Border Colored Fabrics, cut:”

Corner Foundations - You only need to make 4 copies if you are making your own foundations.

In the book (not on the foundation papers) Block 4, Foundation B, piece 1 should be labeled "color."

Fleet Street Table Runner

Cutting instructions - cut 20 Template A and 20 Template A reversed from the background fabric - not 10 of each!

Focus Freeway

Fabric requirements for the Background should read 1 1/4 yards instead of 1 yard.

Page 2 cutting for aperture with solid pieces, cut (16) rectangles instead of (8).
If your pattern was purchased before July 2021, the Template E needs to be reversed.
Good Vibes Alley

Fabric requirements for the Low Volume Backgrounds should read 5/8 yard of 5 different fabrics instead of 3/8 yards.

Happy Highway

If you received our first run of patterns, in the fabric requirements of the "Wall Size", the pink fabric squares should be 2in, not 3in. Also, on the "Quilt Size" Background cutting (page 2), you will subcut the sewn together 4.5in strips into 4.5in x 58.5in pieces, not 3.5in x 58.5in.

Kringle Crossing

You need 6 fat-quarters for the diamonds for the tree skirt and 6 fat-eighths for the table-topper, not 1. 

The "P" and "Q" on the tracing are mixed up. So, if you would like a P, trace the Q and vice versa.

JoJo on the Go

The Scrunch Pocket should be cut 18.5in x 8.5in and the Scrunch Pocket Lining should be cut 18.5in x 6.5in.

Cut one 14in long piece of elastic.

Lexington Lane

The Grande Quilt finished 61" x 75".

Main Street

Material Requirements - 2½" Strips needed = 42.

(If your patterns states "Revised 9/29/2013" in the bottom right hand corner, this information has been updated in your pattern.) In the Cutting Instructions, the first Main Fabric cutting amount should state, "From 23 Main Fabric 2½" x WOF strips, cut." The older versions only say 21 strips and this will not be enough.

Mini One Way

A few of the PDF Mini One Way patterns may contain the following error.

The (11) background rectangles should be 1.5" x 2.5".

One Way

After our first printing of One Way, we discovered the B and C templates are too short. If you lay the template on your 8½" strip, and it does not hit the top and bottom, you have an incorrect version. The angle is still, correct and the line can be continued down to form the correct size template.

Paradox Point

Block 7 - Cutting for pieces 1 and 2 should be reversed. Also, the wording is a little off on all the cutting, there is only one Color A, Color B and Accent per block!

Block 12 - Pieces 14, 15 and 16 should be labeled "color B". Cutting is correct.

Parker Pack

In the cutting instructions for the Lining fabric, you only need one 11" x 18" (Inside Zip Pocket) and one 10" x 7" (Optional Inside Snap Pocket).

Piccadilly Circle

In the cutting instructions for the Accent fabric, cut: (2) 2” x WOF and subcut into (48) 2” x 1½” pieces instead of 2½" x 1½" pieces.

In the cutting instructions for the Background 1 & 2 fabrics, cut: (2) 6” x WOF and subcut the (6) 12½” x 1½” rectangles first; instead of (5) 6” x WOF. (If your patterns states "Revised 02/09/2014" in the bottom right hand corner, this information has been updated in your pattern.) 

SweetPea Sling

In the "Add the Inside Pocket to the Lining" section on page 4, Iron the Inside Pocket in half WST, not RST.

Optional Key Hook - If you would like to add in the key hook, at the end of the "Add the Inside Pocket to the Lining" section follow these instructions: 

Fold the 1½" x 5" Key Hook in half lengthwise, iron. Open, fold each side into center, iron. Fold in half, iron, so that piece measures ⅜" wide. Edge stitch along each side of the Key Hook. Finish one end with a small zigzag stitch. Loop the ⅜" swivel hook through the zigzagged end and stitch in place. Center the other end to the top of the Lining Back with the hook hanging down. Stitch in place with a scant ¼" seam.

Wild Moose Chase

In all the excitement of publishing this pattern we forgot to give the yardage requirements for the moose antlers! Here they are:

Tall - 1/8 yard fabric or fat-quarter (18" x 27") of cork
Grande - 3/8 yard of fabric or 1/4 yard (9" x 54") / fat-quarter (18" x 27") of cork
Venti - 5/8 yard of fabric or 1/2 yard (18" x 54") of cork

Zootropolis 2

The exhaust is too large and will not fit in the space provided. Here is a PDF with the corrected Exhaust.