New Mini Quilt Wall

I have a small (and growing) collection of mini quilts. There is a huge satisfaction is designing, sewing, quilting, binding and hanging something all in one day! I have my small collection of six quilts hung behind my sewing machine table. 

Mini Quilt Wall

I recently took all my minis down for a show & tell and this gave me the opportunity to rearrange and add a few newbies! I laid them all out on the floor and played with different layouts until I got one I loved and thought I could add new ones to easily. 

Mini Quilts!

I hung the quilts using two pins in each of the top corners. Simple, easy and small holes in the walls! This was a great way to add some color to my room without doing irreparable damage to my rental's walls. 

Mini Quilt Wall

The pineapple mini is new and was inspired by a pillow Amber Crawley was giving away on Instagram. (click here to see it!) I loved how cute and simple it was. I made my own little version with 1" finished squares and I am in love. The quilt finishes 8.5" x 11.5". It is the size of a piece of paper!

Pineapple Mini Quilt

This scrappy churndash is a miniature version of the Churndash Court pattern. I reduced the pattern to 1/3 of the size. The strips finish a little less than 1/2" wide and I had a blast digging through my scrap bucket! This quilt finished 12" x 12".

Mini Churndash Court Quilt

The heart quilt is a free pattern we have on Craftsy. It utilizes and 2.5" squares and you can see more photos of it here. This quilt finished 22" x 22" and is my largest on the wall!

The mini churndash quilt was my entry into the DSTT Modern Traditional Challenge. It is comprised of thirty-six 3" churndash blocks. You can see lots more photos of this quilt here. This quilt is one of my favorites and finished 20" x 20".

The fox is a brand new addition to my mini quilt family and will be featured on the Timeless Treasures blog this week with an appliqué tutorial. I shrunk Mr. Fox from the Zoey's Zoo quilt pattern down and added orange scraps on the left side. This quilt finished 15" x 11.5".

Mr. Fox Mini Quilt

The newest addition to my wall is this letter S mini quilt. I made multiple 1" half square triangles and arranged them as an "S". It was a fun and quick project that filled my "I need to finish something immediately" kick! The quilt finished 8.5" x 9.5".

S is for Shayla Mini Quilt

So, what do you think? Should I pattern or make tutorials on any of these? Are there any amazing mini quilts out there I need to make?

There is still time to enter the Shelby Satchel Giveaway! Be sure to pop back by this week for some fun and exciting projects! Thanks for stopping by!




Julie said:

Love your wall of mini quilts. The two Churn Dash ones are my favourites. I have just started to get some in swaps for my sewing room, so finally there is colour in my room.


Cheryl said:

My fave is the fox and pineapple though I would love the pineapple on a larger scale :)


Andrea said:

I love the pineapple and the churn dash court! These are absolutely wonderful! Beautiful job!


Bess said:

Gosh your mini churndash quilt made my heart stop! It would be awesome if you did a pattern or tutorial, and even more awesome if you included what colors you used for each block!

Adele Aiken

Adele Aiken said:

I would love to see a tutorial on Churndash Court!


Sherry said:

I love the S! My initial. And the scrappy churndash.

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