New Pattern Sneak Peek & A Birthday Gift

So, today is my birthday and 22 years ago I received the best gift you could think of, a little sister. Sharing a birthday had it's rough patches through our middle-school days, but now I couldn't be happier!

My little sister was never bitten by the sewing bug, but she does appreciate handmade things! So when she spotted our newest bag pattern, she requested one with enthusiasm. Little did she know we already had the fabric pulled! 

We chose a fun whimsical owl fabric for the bag flap, a yellow polka-dot for the accent and a red and orange print for the bag body. I love how this one turned out! It was kind of hard to ship it off, but we know she will love it and use it! 

We are calling this new purse pattern Shelby Satchel, after another one of our adorable pups! We are still making a few to get the pattern just perfect, but it will be available soon, along with accompanying hardware kits! I will give you all the details about this one soon. It is pretty nifty =] and I can't wait to share our fun cover bags!

Thanks for stopping by on me and my sister's birthday! (Happy Birthday Bug!) Have a great weekend!



Marly said:

Happy birthday to both you and your sister. I love the bag: it has such happy colours.


Judy said:

When can we purchase this pattern for download?


Denise said:

LOVE this bag!!! Found your page b/c you started following my blog, A quilting legacy, in February! You were my first follower!!! I’m so thrilled, can you tell it’s my first time blogging? LOL! Anyhow! I’m going to post this in my “projects” Section so some others can find you and it too! Definitely keep us informed about pattern and hardware availability!

Cheers! Denise!


Denise said:

HAHA… new blogger faux pax… Actually, it wasn’t YOU who started following me, but the person who linked to your page on their blog! OOPS! Still LOVE the bag though, so can’t wait for pattern!


RobinSue said:

Happy birthday! The bag is adorable! Looking forward to the pattern.

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