Paradox Point QAL - Block 1

Happy New Year everyone! We are kicking off our Paradox Point QAL today and sharing our first blocks. We have beautiful blocks from Kristy and Juli, and a special appearance from my little sister! It is always fun when we can get her excited about sewing, so when she started pulling fabrics for this quilt, we were ecstatic. She is a kindergarten teacher in the Seattle area, so we might not get a block every 2 weeks, but I will post one when she does!

Kristy's Block:

Paradox Point QAL - Block 1

We arranged the blocks in Paradox Point so the difficulty progresses with the blocks. So block one is pretty easy! There are no tricky intersections, thick points or funny business in this block - just fun simple straight lines. Kristy's first block features a striking white-on-black print for color A, a tribal black-on-white print for color B and a solid red for the accent. Red, black and white is a classic color combination and makes for a beautiful block. I would love to see an entire quilt made with these colors! 

Juli's Block:

Paradox Point QAL - Block 1

Juli is loving making these blocks! She told me yesterday she is making each block in about 1 hour. We are going to start calling her speedy! Juli's block one is featuring two amazing leprechaun green fabrics for color A and B, which are perfect against her newsprint background. The solid black accent looks striking in the stripes going across the triangles. 

Alayna's Block:

Paradox Point QAL - Block 1

Alayna chose fabrics from my mom's stash and pulled a very printed rainbow version. Her block one is starring a dark print polka dot for color A, a light pink floral print for color B and a charcoal grey accent print. She chose the light grey crosshatch print by Carolyn Friedlander for the background. It is going to be a beautiful quilt!

Kristy's Quick Tips:

Before you get sewing, Kristy has a few tips for you!

    1. Check out our paper-piecing tutorial if you are feeling a little iffy on the technique.
    2. Don't layer your foundations on top of one another when you are ironing! Sometimes ink will transfer to the fabric below the paper. 
    3. It may be easier to cut all the background fabric from section 1 on page 5 at the beginning. 
    4. If you are like me, don't forget your readers when you start sewing =]

Block 1 Design Options:

Paradox Point QAL - Block 1

  1. Color Crazy - Get scrappy and use your favorite colors and fabrics to create a fabulously colorful block.
  2. Turn Down the Volume - After my Arcadia Avenue, I am dying to make another low volume BOM. Pick your favorite color for the background, because there will be a lot of it! 
  3. Holi-Daze - We are Christmas quilt fanatics here in the Wolf casa, so here is a fun holiday version.
Paradox Point Fabrics

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

And last but not least, we picked a winner for a small little prize! We chose Kathy Holscher for sharing this photo of her fabric pull. We are loving the mix of sketch and polka dots! Keep sharing your photos for a chance to win with the next post!

Now your turn! We want to see how your blocks turn out. We have started a Flickr group so you can add your photos there. You can also tag photos on Instagram with #ParadoxPointQAL! We will pick another winner for a small giveaway from everyone who participates. 

First time here, no problem! Join in the fun. Read up on the previous posts here, grab a book and begin when it works for you. Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy with any questions and comments!



Kathy said:

Yahoo! I never win anything so this is a real treat! Just love all of the blocks…the newsprint background is going to be really COOL! Just posted my block 1 on flickr…it was really fun to make! Maybe after a few blocks I’ll figure out how to post on Instagram, I know, I’m slacking when it comes to learning that app. hahaha! Thanks so much!!

Jacqueline Lewis

Jacqueline Lewis said:

Wow! love this block – it is so different. Really must try this ‘Quilt along’

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