Wiley Way in Bali Batiks

Today I am sharing a fun version of our Wiley Way pattern made up in Hoffman's new batiks! I love how the color sweeps from light green down to purple. This is a slight variation from our original pattern. I used two different background fabrics instead of just one. If anyone is interested in making a Wiley Way like this one, shoot me an email and I will help you with yardage! 

My mom, the marvelous Kristy Wolf, quilted fun and funky flowers and swirls allover the quilt using a light green thread. The quilting really adds to the quilt.

I pieced together a fun binding using all the fabrics in the quilt along the top of the left of the quilt. You know, to add a little pizazz! 

Hoffman Fabrics loved the photo in the tree so much, they asked us to mockup a Wiley Way cover to hand out in their booth at Quilt Market. How could I say no?! This is the fun cover I threw together. It has a list of the exact fabrics used, just in case you are interested.

We are on the road to Houston today, so check out our Instagram for some in-action photos of our road trip! Thanks for stopping by!


Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson said:

I have your pattern “A Modern Zigzaggery Pattern” but I have a question on the measurements of the parallelograms. On page 1 and on the diagram 3 on page 3 it says 15 1/2". However, on the bottom of page 1 it says 17 7/8". Could you please clarify this for me? Am I reading the instructions incorrectly? The layout diagram indicates that the pieces should be 15 1/2" and 5 1/2". 6 3/8" is indicated on page 1 for the smaller piece.

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