Bourbon Street... Batik Style!

Every time we teach a Mystery Class, my mom and I each make a version of the quilt. (See mine here) This beauty is my Mom's Bourbon Street quilt. I am not certain... but I am pretty sure we broke a few laws taking these shots!

But it sure was fun watching my mom crawl in to a tractor claw to hold a quilt down! We always seem to shoot on windy days. The yellow backdrop (aka the tractor) was a great contrast for this blue, navy and brown quilt. 

After the claw, we put the quilt on one of the giant tires. From this angle the quilt looks like it blew away and went "SPLAT!" onto the tire. 

For this version of Bourbon Street, my mom used a Bali Pop for the block centers, a navy Accent and a blue print Background. All batiks and all fabulous. She chose to use the navy Accent as the border and used her leftover Bali Pop pieces for a scrappy binding.

Quilt Stats

I still have more Bourbon Street quilts and Quilt Market projects to share, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!


Jill Klop

Jill Klop said:

Im blog surfing today, sick in bed with a head cold! Just wanted to say that I love your quilt! I’m not sure I’ve seen one photographed with that backdrop and I loved that part too!


Alicia said:

I think this is my favorite version of this pattern, an I am not a huge fan of batiks.

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