Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 11

It is that time again! Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 11 is on sale tomorrow and we are super excited to share our blocks, Hailin' and Free Hugs with you!

Both of our blocks for this issue have some unique elements! First let's take a closer look at that adorable cab my Mom, Kristy, designed. She pieced three pieces of fabric to create the background and appliquéd on top. She created a fun whimsical cab with a very tall top! To create the look of glass in the windows, Kristy diluted some white fabric paint and applied it evenly between the stitches. Isn't it adorable? It makes me want to be in NYC hailing a cab! 

Block Size: 12"
Block Number: 1019
Block Name: Hailin'
Designer: Kristy Wolf
Techniques: Piecing & Fusible Appliqué


My little rainbow hedgehog was inspired by the scrap bins I was organizing awhile back. When I moved, all my little scrap fabrics were dumped into one large (incredibly large) bag. While sorting them by color I pictured a fat and happy hedgehog with colorful spikes. Each of the 130 spikes is a different fabric, but boy was it fun to cut all those pieces out! I used a satin stitch to sew around all the body, cheeks, nose and sign. Instead of sewing around each spike, I used a straight stitch to create extra spikes on top of the fused spikes to hold them down. 

Block Size: 12"
Block Number: 1020
Block Name: Free Hugs
Designer: Shayla Wolf
Technique: Fusible Appliqué


Both of these blocks make me smile! We even share a page this issue! How fun is that?

And now for the goods! We have a few extra magazines, so we will be giving 4 away! For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post (click the post title and scroll to the bottom) telling us what your favorite sewing notion is, and submit by midnight MST, Wednesday, May 6th. I will pick four lucky winners and email them. =]

This issue goes on sale tomorrow, so be sure to pick one up if you don't win! Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the tour!


Pamela R

Pamela R said:

Congrats on another issue. So many notions to love: aside from the obvious rotary cutter—white lead mechanical pencils, wonder clips, Needle Nest, Mary’s Best Press.


Judy said:

Both of your blocks are so fun, I love the fabrics and designs. I know it is considered obvious but I always say my rotary cutter is my favorite notion because seriously where would we be without them. I hate to think what it would be like to cut out every piece of every block we make with a pair of scissors.

Nicole Sender

Nicole Sender said:

Love your Free Hug block! My favorite notion is my mother’s thimble.


Pat said:

Love that adorable hedgehog! Thanks for the giveaway!!


marta said:

So hard to pick a favorite notion!..I have to say Frixion erasable pens…thank you …marta

Nancy B from Many LA

Nancy B from Many LA said:

My favorite must be the seam ripper because I use it so much! LOL!


KT said:

Great blocks! Love all the detail you put into them. Favorite notion is my rotary cutter and mat.


Lee said:

Congrats on two very fun blocks! Love it and I love my Clover chalk marker the best! thanks!

Shelley Williams

Shelley Williams said:

My favorite sewing notion is thread heaven. It is wonderful for hand work and keeping thread de-tangled.


sandi said:

Cute blocks! My favorite notion is a rotary cutter with a sharp blade. Thanks for a chance to win.

Debbie D

Debbie D said:

I love my wonder clips! love your blocks too! so darn cute!!


Jane said:

Love the free hugs!! My favorite notion is the Wonder clips—no more finger sticks!!


Jocelyn said:

My favorite notion is my Rotary Cutter! When I started quilting it was a new notion, and took the quilting world by storm. Still the best thing around. Thanks for the great blocks!


Delaine said:

I love both of the blocks! I don’t know if this is considered a “notion” but I can’t do without my adhesive spray! I use it for everything. Thanks!


Wyna said:

That free hugs block just too cute. My favorite notions will be rulers, I have all kind and size of rulers. Love every one of it

Pat V.

Pat V. said:

I always have my Purple Thang on hand. Don’t know if I could piece without it!

Patricia A Paola

Patricia A Paola said:

I am doing some hexies and found that the Clover Wonder Clips have become my notion of choice and best friend. They have become my 3rd hand during assembly.


Joanne said:

My favorite notion is pin cushions. I have handmade weighed ones or crushed shells, on my sewing tables and ironing board, I have small ones filled with batting that fit in my travel kit, and another one in my binding box. Finally I have a handmade acorn pin cushion made by a friend, that adorns an antique sewing machine.

Kathy D'Amelio

Kathy D'Amelio said:

My favorite item is a clover needle threader, my eyes can not see that little eye any longer. It has been wonderful and so easy using it.


Brooke said:

Darling blocks. I love all the fun colors. My favorite sewing notion is my seam ripper. I use it more often than I’d like to admit.

Margaret Schindler

Margaret Schindler said:

My favorite notion is my scissors. I couldnt sew with out them


Colette said:

Cute blocks, love the hedgehog! My favorite notion is painter’s tape to make sure I have an accurate 1/4 inch.

Pat Evans

Pat Evans said:

My favorite notion has to be my rotary cutter (and the mat and the rulers, of course). I don’t think I’d get much quilting done without them.

Cathy B

Cathy B said:

My seam ripper because it always has my back and makes me look good…..eventually! ;)


Rochelle said:

Love the hedgehog and the use of scraps. So creative. And the taxicab and buildings is so innovative. Lots of thought and imagination in each.

Jeanne in  Ohio

Jeanne in Ohio said:

Cute blocks and so creative! My favorite tool: rotary cutter. I wouldn’t be a quilter if I had to use scissors and templates.

Donna W

Donna W said:

The blocks are adorable! My favorite is the rotary cutter.


Ellen said:

My favorite sewing notion is the rotary cutter.

Nicki Reid

Nicki Reid said:

Love all your work girls! I am sure my good friend MaryEllen gave you all your creative genes! Love my needles right now, doing lots of hand work. Hugs from Spokane!

Emily C

Emily C said:

I love my rotary cutter and my clover clips.


LoriL said:

My favorite notion is my new stiletto from p3designs. I just love the little colorful critter block.


Deb said:

Favorite notion is my rotary cutter…makes quick work and accurate too!

Rachell Reilly

Rachell Reilly said:

Rainbow hedgehogs giving hugs—who knew!
How do I choose a favorite? I like my blue silicone ironing finger covers. They are great when pressing lots of HSTs and other smaller pieces, to keep your fingers from burning/getting hot.
I also love my Kwik Klip……saves a lot of hurt and blisters and soreness when pin-basting a quilt for FMQ on my domestic machine!

pam w

pam w said:

I love the clover clips

Deb H.

Deb H. said:

Cute blocks!! I have to say that my seam ripper and I have a very intimate relationship. I can’t live without it!


Ruth said:

My rotary cutter is my favorite notion. I can’t imagine quilting without it!


mary said:

my favorite tool is my Elna Quilting Queen machine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything it does.

Cheryl Buchanan

Cheryl Buchanan said:

Love my rotary cutter. Cannot imagine quilting without one. Congratulations on your blocks being published.


craftygramma said:

I love both blocks! Taxi and houses smushed close remind me of fun times in San Francisco; hedgehog is just so darn cute!

I really want to make them both.

Fav notion? tie between wonder clips for hexies and new, smaller (4×14) ruler since I am both short and gimpy – much better



Susan said:

Adorable blocks! Favorite notion? the good ol’ rotary cutter!

Karen Thurn

Karen Thurn said:

Very cute blocks!! My favorite sewing notion is probably everyone’s most dreaded one…the seam ripper but a good sharp new one!! It makes a world of difference. When ripping, I remember my mom’s words while I was learning to sew years ago, “If you don’t like to rip, you probably shouldn’t be learning to sew.”

Linda Bick

Linda Bick said:

Well we all couldn’t possibly live without our rotary cutters! I just bought myself a beautiful new seam ripper, could be jewelry!


Nancysue said:

Sooooo cute!!!! Putting both on my to-do list! 7 yr old son is going to go bonkers over both. I’m teaching him sewing in the fall and these two blocks will be perfect for our mom/son project!!! You didn’t disappoint. Congrats on your two blocks being included in vol. 11. My favorite sewing notion is my pin cushion my great grandmother gave me. I’m sure it wasn’t made by her,but lovingly bought at her church’s bazaar circa 1968 :)

Lisa Estrada

Lisa Estrada said:

Love the blocks especially the rainbow hedgehog. My most used notion is definitely the seam ripper. I love my Gingher scissors though.

Jen B

Jen B said:

My favourite notion is my rotary cutter.


Emilee said:

I am not sure what I would do without my rotary cutter or seam ripper! I love them equally!!! Such cute blocks, thanks for a chance to win!

Andee in aZ

Andee in aZ said:

Great blocks! I love seeing with you all come up with every issue!


Martha said:

My favorite notion is a big spool of quality thread.

Doris McCarty

Doris McCarty said:

My seam ripper is my best friend? Lol!


Sue said:

Will have to be my blue rotary cutter. It is very easy on the hand and wrist when I use it. LOVE hedgehogs
and your pattern is SEW adorable!

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