Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Fabrics
Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

It is always fun to see a digital mockup come to life! Last Market, Andover was sneak peeking these gorgeous new basics from Lizzy House. We dropped images of the Mini Pearl Bracelets and Butterflies into a digital version of our Diamond Detour pattern for their sales sheets. 

The fabric is now printed and will be shipping to stores soon, so we got the opportunity to make a real life quilt! Digital quilts don't have the same amazing texture of the fabric and quilting that brings a quilt to life. 

Digital quilt to the left. Lots of photos of the real quilt below! 

Our good friend and fabulous quilter, Juli Kieny, made and quilted this beauty! Juli quilted each pieced and setting diamond with a swirling cloud filler. It gives the quilt that amazing texture we all love! Beware - this post is photo heavy!

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Basics

Fabric Giveaway


Andover sent some extra Butterflies, so we are going to share! For a chance to win 11 fat-quarters and a Diamond Detour pattern, leave a comment on this post (click the post title and scroll to the bottom), telling us what your favorite shape to quilt with is (triangles, hexagons, circle, etc.) by midnight MST, Friday, May 8th. I will pick a lucky winner and email them for a mailing address. =]

Thank you Juli for your amazing work! The Diamond Detour pattern is available in PDF and paper form. If you make this or any other Sassafras Lane projects, we would love to see them! Send us photos or post them to our Flickr group. Thanks for stopping by!



linda schiffer

linda schiffer said:

Hexagons are my favorite shape to design a quilt with – and the shapes that can make hexies (diamonds, equilateral triangles, half hexes, etc).

:) Linda


Nancysue said:

What a perfect meld of pattern and fabric. I’m fairly new to anything but squares and trials…. This pattern may be the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet in the pool of rhombuses..rhombi?

Allison C

Allison C said:

im really into triangles right now. HSTs or equilaterals.


Lesley said:

i like squares


Deb said:

I love the fabric, the diamond design, quilting-the whole package. I love the balance of white and color. I like trying all shapes. Amazing things can be done with the basic squares, triangles, and rectangles though.

Lisa Estrada

Lisa Estrada said:

Wow, the quilt and fabrics are just gorgeous. I love circles for quilting.


Béatrice said:

Fantastic pattern & fabric, fingers crossed. I like trying all shapes.


Hayley said:

i do love triangles because they are so versatile but I loathe making hsts ( love the patterns they make though). That quilt is fab by the way! Rainbows and butterflies!


Karen said:

I like triangles. I like hexagons. But I’m really into small squares right now! Thanks for the giveaway!

Mary Jo Jones

Mary Jo Jones said:

I love triangles but after seeing Diamond Detour it may become diamonds! It is gorgeous! I love all that you do…what a wonderful giveaway!

Ellen A.

Ellen A. said:

I’m confident with squares, trying to break into more interesting shapes!


kyllara said:

I’m still on squares as I’m a beginner :)


Cat said:

I have to say that I love all the shape… It’s more about the fabric for me. Thank you for the great giveaway.

Deb W.

Deb W. said:

Great fabrics. I love trying new shapes to use in my piecing.


Terri said:

I’ve been working with a lot of triangles lately. Very pretty fabrics. I would also like to say I really like your designs, and congratulations on your success because I am seeing your patterns everywhere! Thanks for the chance to win.


Kelli said:

i really like the diamond shape.


Suzi said:


Sandy A in St. Louis

Sandy A in St. Louis said:

I love 60 degree angles. I just finished a quilt with all the blocks made with them and I love it! I want to make another one right now! :)


lucia said:

triangles, half-square triangles….


Anja said:

I love triangles and circles. And I would love to win!!! Thanks for the chance!


Rochelle said:

Wow what a pretty quilt and the fabrics are scrumptious. I must like squares and triangles because I love stars (I don’t do diamonds!!). And I do paper piece to get the other more complicated patterns. Thanks for a beautiful post and the opportunity.

cheryl hammond

cheryl hammond said:

I love to make a loopy flower quilting pattern. I can do a whole quilt like that in no time at all.


Emilee said:

Straight lines! Do t know how to free motion quilt, so I keep it simple!

Andee in aZ

Andee in aZ said:

Love those diamonds..wow!


Daniela said:

Simple design with rainbow colors – always a winner.

Doris McCarty

Doris McCarty said:

The quilting on that quilt is Awesome. I love the colors too. I like to work with hexagons.


Deirdre said:

Wow — love the combination of this pattern and fabric! For favorite shape… I’m a newer quilter so for piecing am playing with half square triangles these days, and for quilting the whole thing, I’ve been doing a sort of loopy circles thing… reminds me of Christmas tree lights :)

Kim V.

Kim V. said:

I love to make hexagons. Haven’t made any diamond quilts but I think it’s something I need to try!

Carol Broughton

Carol Broughton said:

I love half square triangles!

Dorothy C.

Dorothy C. said:

Having just finished a quilt 60×80 with a half square triangle border going all around (made 95) I would have to say triangles, have the process down now?. Quilting with lines, triangles, hexagons are my go to.

Linda D.

Linda D. said:

Diamond Detour in Lizzy House Fabrics – what a wonderful use of the Pearl Bracelets fabric. I’ve been eyeing this diamond pattern for a while now.

Kath S

Kath S said:

I’m a beginning quilter and haven’t got too adventurous yet, just basics. Triangles are the basis for so many designs, I think it’ll be my favorite for a long time.

Donna king

Donna king said:

I love to do circles and straight lines. Zigzags are fun also.
Love your patterns and fabrics. Tks!


Melissa said:

I love triangles. There are are so many different possibilities just using different variations or layouts of triangles.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Sandi Benfield

Sandi Benfield said:

I love all shapes in quilts but my favorite is hexagons. I am working on a hexagon log cabin quilt now and love the way it is going together! I love the diamond designs in your new patter Diamond Detour!


Linda Dyer

Linda Dyer said:

what a fun pattern – and beautiful quilting

Pam Hutchinson

Pam Hutchinson said:

I love hexagons and now want to try diamonds and triangles.

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