Sassy & Solid - Part 2

Happy Tuesday! Making it past Monday always seems to put me in a good mood! Today we are going to share 2 more large quilts and 2 more minis. Let's dive right in!

Wynkoop Court in AMB solids

This is our Wynkoop Court quilt pattern. Everything about this quilt makes me happy - the colors, the gradation, the quilting and of course the pattern! You probably see Wynkoop Court pop up on our blog a lot. It is our most versatile pattern and my favorite to play with! We gradated lime to green to teal to blue to purple to magenta with alternating diagonal rows.

Wynkoop Court in AMB solids

Wynkoop Court in AMB solids

Wynkoop Court in AMB solids

The Mini Wynkoop Court quilt Juli made makes me swoon! The mini quilt has the same number of triangles and half-hexagons as the Grande large quilt, so this mini is an exact replica of the big one! How cute is that?!

Diamond Detour in AMB Solids

Next up is another rainbow gradation! We paired our Diamond Detour pattern with almost every color of solid American Made Brand had to offer! In addition to gradating in color order, we also gradated the values from the lightest on the edges to the darkest in the center. Juli's quilting on this quilt is out-of-this-world! 

Diamond Detour in AMB Solids

Diamond Detour in AMB Solids

Diamond Detour in AMB Solids

I have been obsessed with miniaturizing our quilts and was super excited about making a Mini Diamond Detour pattern! These little diamonds make me smile and Juli's quilting is phenomenal! 

Check back tomorrow for two more quilts and two more minis!



Alice said:

Are your quilts paper piecing?

Elana Goldberg

Elana Goldberg said:

These are just lovely.

Barbara Gilbert

Barbara Gilbert said:

I ordered the sassy and solids pattern from you and when I went to open it back up it says it is expired. I am just to the point to make this quilt. Can you resend it or do I need to buy it again?

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