Mini Euclid Avenue Gets A Makeover!

Fabric to RAINBOW

In my quest to rainbowify everything, I decided to remake our Mini Euclid Avenue quilt pattern. And this time, as you may have guessed, it is rainbow! I modeled the mini after it’s sidekick pattern, Euclid Avenue’s current cover quilt. I love making mini quilts and love displaying them even more. This baby is going on the wall where I can admire it everyday! 



Picking the fabrics was fun…. And a bit time consuming. I dug through my scrap bins and made each color at a time. There are no repeats in the colors. That means 168 colorful scraps plus assorted white on white background fabrics. It was fun to find the small little treasure I have saved and finally have a project small enough to use them. I also threw in a few fussy cut bits in there, can you spot them?




I love the way this pattern takes on a total different look depending on where you place the fabrics. Take a look at the original here to compare. Two completely different looks!

  • Pattern: Mini Euclid Avenue
  • Full-size Sidekick Pattern: Euclid Avenue
  • Fabric: 168 Colorful Scraps + 7 White on White prints
  • Quilting: Vertical lines through the blocks
  • Finished Size: 10.5in x 13.5in
  • Techniques: Foundation paper-piecing
  • Tip: Remove the paper before sewing the rows together. Reduces the bulk and help keep those points crisp!




My favorite quilting move is to finish a scrappy rainbow quilt with a black and white stripe binding. I just LOVE how it looks! And striped bindings look so good mitered into the corners. Oo la la… if I do say so myself. 




Simple, but effective. Little wall quilts don’t need a ton of quilting, but the quilting can really elevate a project! We went with simple vertical lines down the middle of the blocks. I love how this little rainbow quilt looks when the light hits it. There is a beautiful texture created from all the seams and quilting stitches.




And if you thought this looked familiar, you are correct! I was sewing this little guy when I was making the stickers and well, now we have a matching pair! Grab a Euclid Avenue Sticker.



Well I hope you enjoyed this quick little colorful Friday blog post about our new Mini Euclid Avenue quilt. Coming soon is an update to our Free Patchwork Heart Mini Quilt, so come back soon!

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