NEW Sassafras Squad STICKERS!

Have you ever had a small inkling to do something, then sit down and become completely consumed by it? That was me with these stickers! It all started with a desire to have some small products near the checkout at our retail shows. I started to think about things I tend to grab, buy and collect - stickers and enamel pins came to mind. So, I flipped through my notebook to see if any doodles felt inspiring. 24 hours later, I had 10 designs! (a few of which will become enamel pins soon!) It felt great to use another faucet of my creativity!

To say I was excited when they arrived was an understatement, see the video above 🤣 They turned out perfect! Exactly as I hoped! I can't wait to start sticking these things to everything - water bottles, my sewing machine, laptop and more!


  • 10 Unique Sticker Designs
  • Made of Thick Durable Vinyl with a Laminate Coating
  • Resistant to Fading, Scratching and Water
  • Limited Editions - when they are gone, they are gone!
  • All original designs by me, Shayla Wolf!

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Just Keep Sewing Sticker

    My sticker design journey started with a couple phrases. The first one being “Just Keep Sewing.” I have been know to sing this to myself Dory from Finding Nemo style while chain piecing. A nice motivational sticker that will definitely find its way onto my machine.

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Make More Quilts Sticker

    The next phrase was “Make More Quilts.” Inspired by every quilter’s constant goal, to make ALL the quilts! Still deciding where to stick this one… they all might end up collaged onto my little Janome. 

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Handmade Sticker

    This simple design is for all the makers, crafters, sewists and quilters out there! It features the phrase “Handmade" with stitching around the each letter with a needle and thread along the bottom. A fun little way for us to brag about our handmade goodies! 

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Seam Ripper Sticker

    Next in my design journey, I found a sketch in my book of a seam ripper with floating curse words around it. I created a new design with the seam ripper surrounded by a banner with an edited expletive across it. This way you can choose your favorite curse word! 

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Rotary Cutter Sticker

    Keeping with the same banner style, I designed a rotary cutter with the phrase “Rock ’n’ Roll” across it! Just a fun little pun for those fabric cutting filled days and of course in a bright fun color palette! 

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Sip 'N' Sew Mug Sticker

    Next up, in the same banner style, is my favorite sewing companion, a mug full of coffee! Or tea, if that is your thing! The mug features a banner with the phrase “Sip ’n’ Sew” across it. Any other fellow mug sipping sewists out there?

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Fabric Collector Award Sticker

    This design was inspired by an Instagram Reel I made about my fabric stash being a collection… not hoarding. 😂 I made an award banner featuring the words “#1 Fabric Collector” for us collectors to proudly display!

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Colorburst Sticker

    If you haven’t seen our Colorburst pattern, you definitely should! This fun color wheel block made for the most perfect colorful sticker. I kept this one pretty simple and let the colors of the spectrum take the show! 

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    And I don’t normally pick favorites, but these last two are definitely at the top of my list. I have a whole series of doodles in my notebook of different women holding up various Sassafras Lane quilts. I chose two to make into stickers, but hope to do a lot more with these ladies later. (Thinking a calendar for 2024… comment below if you would buy one!)


    Shivaun Place Quilt Sticker

    This first one is my drawing of our Shivaun Place quilt being held by a girl rocking a curly bun and fun purple converse shoes. The quilt features colorful blocks with a pop of black and white stripe. Shivaun Place was our very first quilt pattern, so it definitely earned a place as one of our stickers!

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


    Euclid Avenue Quilt Sticker

    And last, but not least is one of my favorite quilts! This one is my drawing of our Euclid Avenue quilt being held by a girl with a fabulous pony tail and cute yellow rain-boots. The pairing of this rainbow quilt and rain-boots makes this sticker too stinking cute!

    Sassafras Squad Stickers


         Well that is all folks! For now.... 😏

        January 30, 2023 by Shayla Wolf
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        I love them! I want them all!

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