FREE Big Heart Patchwork Heart Quilt Tutorial

It is February again, and you know what that means! Hearts everywhere - especially all over your creator’s social media pages. Well I guess we are jumping on the band wagon with this fun quilt we made for our soon-to-be newest family member! 🍼


Back in 2017, we shared this Mini Patchwork Heart Quilt as a free pattern. I love mini quilts, but somedays we need something a little bigger! So we enlarged that mini to make a quilt that finishes 48" x 48". Here is a step-by-step tutorial to make one of your very own!


 Materials Needed

    • assorted pink fabrics
    • assorted low volume fabrics
    • 1/2 yard of stripe for bias binding
    • 3 yards of backing

Cutting Instructions

From the assorted pink fabrics, cut:

    • forty 4-1/2 inch squares
    • six 4-7/8 inch squares

From the assorted low volume fabrics, cut:

    • ninety-two 4-1/2 inch squares
    • six 4-7/8 inch squares

From the binding stripe, cut:

    • 250 inches of 2-1/2 inch wide bias strips

Sewing Instructions

To make the half-square triangles:

  1. Layer a 4-7/8 inch low volume square and pink square right sides together.
  2. Draw a line down the center.
  3. Using a 1/4 inch seam, sew on both sides of the square.
  4. Cut along the drawn line.
  5. Press the seams open. Tada! You have two identical half-square triangles.

Make a total of 12 half pink and half low volume half-square triangles. 

Sew the squares and half-square triangles into 12 rows of 12 squares. Press the seams of each row in opposite directions. Sew the rows together to form the heart. Press the row seams open.

Finish the Quilt

Layer the heart, batting and backing fabric. We quilted continuous swirls in the background low volume fabrics and alternating serpentining lines in the heart. Trim the corners into slight curves - this is completely optional of course! Sew the binding strips together on the diagonal. Fold and iron the binding in half lengthwise and sew to your quilt in your favorite method. Voila!


The good news is, this Big Patchwork Heart takes exactly the same amout time to make as the Mini Patchwork Heart! Both are fun to make and both have their own space and time to be admired and used! 




This big heart makes us smile and we hope you like it too! If you make this or any other Sassafras Lane project, we would love to see it! Post them to our Facebook Group or use our #sassafraslane hashtag on Instagram!

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