NEW Sassafras Squad ENAMEL PINS!

As a personal collector of enamel pins, it felt like a perfect product for us to explore! I turned four of our sticker designs into pins and love how they turned out! Like the stickers, these are limited edition and once they sell out, they’re gone for good. Pin these little guys to jackets, banners, bags and more to show off your quilty side!

These enamel pins are made with a zinc alloy and have two rubber clutches on the backside to keep the pin from spinning around and extra secure.


Fabric Collector


Proud Fabric collector here! As quilters and sewists, we are naturally lovers of fabric. I don’t make the rules - that is just how it is! Some of us love fabric so much, we start little (sometimes not so little) carefully curated collections of fabrics that make us happy. Who else is a proud fabric collector and wants a pin to prove it?


Rotary Cutter


Boy am I glad I am sewing in a time where the rotary cutter exists! The roll of the sharp blade through layers of fabric is simply musical… Rock ’N’ Roll, if you will! Now let’s turn on a little Rolling Stones or Queen and start cutting out our next project!


Seam Ripper


All the pins make me smile, but this particular one makes me giggle! The seam ripper paired with a censored curse word reflects the feeling I have every time I need to get a seam ripper out to unsew something. I chose to replace all the characters with symbols so you can insert (imagine) your favorite expletive!


Sip ’N’ Sew


I am a firm believer in always having something to sip on while sewing. Whether it is coffee, tea, soda or wine, I will have a beverage next to my machine! Any others out there Sip ’N’ Sew? Please tell me I am not alone!



I love how these enamel pins turned out and if they sell well I will design some new ones so we can all start a collection! If you buy one, please take a picture and share it in our Sassafras Lane Designs Facebook Group. We would love to see them out in the world! Thank you for reading! Coming up next is a little bit about our new zippers!


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