Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 7
Hello lovelies! I have had a great time reading all the blogs on Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour. I am lucky enough to work for Quiltmaker for my day job! So, today I have blog posts in both places. For you that means more opportunities to win goodies! 
I doodle. A lot. Especially when I should be working on something else. I found my original doodle of the owl before I played with it in Illustrator. He is rough! But the idea is pretty much the same in the finished block design. The best part: he made the cover!
Meet Hootie! He is my raw-edge appliqued 12" block in 100 Blocks Volume 7. The design did evolve a little bit from the original doodle. I placed the owl on a tree branch and in front of a full moon. 
Hootie is scrappy, made completely with fabrics from my stash and scrap bins. I don't have the patience for hand anything, so I used a machine blanket stitch to secure Hootie's feathers (and other parts!). My favorite part are his slightly doofy eyes. They make me smile.
Here is an idea of what you could do with multiple Hooties: make a little colorful owl family! 
Alright, now to the goods. We will be giving away two prizes! Each will include one Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 7 issue and 4 Sassafras Lane patterns. 

For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post (click the post title and scroll to the bottom) telling me your favorite animal and whether you have put it in a quilt, and submit by midnight MST, Thursday, May 9. I will pick two lucky winners on Friday and email them. =] Thank you for stopping by!



Ellsie said:

I’ve made a pot holder with hootie. We had a quilt retreat and made about 20 potholders. They certainly looked silly all lined up on the window sill. They made us laugh.

Bonnie Thiem

Bonnie Thiem said:

My favorite animal is the fish. I love to make baby quilts with brightly colored fish in them. My second is the owl because of their large eyes. I would love to win a magazine to make a baby quilt with your owl in it.

Linda Webster

Linda Webster said:

My favorite animal is a cat and I’ve used lots of cats in my quilting!

Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor said:

My favorite animal are cats but I haven’t used them in quilts yet. I haven’t done much appliqué, but it is in my plans this year. I really can’t resist that owl-it makes me laugh and if it brings that much joy, I think I need to make them!!

Linda Jerome

Linda Jerome said:

Love doing applique and will be doing your block,would love a copy of the book.


Amanda said:

My favorite animal is a giraffe but I have not made a quilt with one on it yet. I have been too busy fulfilling the requests of my boys for tiger, turtle, horse and kitty quilts. :o)

Laurie Taylor

Laurie Taylor said:

My last (and first) applique was “Happy Daisies” on 8 of the 25 blocks. I’m loving applique and love those owls!


Carmen said:

I love bunnies but haven’t put them in a quilt yet.


Denise said:

I love cats. I have a black and white spoiled cat who thinks he owns the house.lol I have a quilt with cat blocks that is waiting to be finished. Love your owl block. That is one I plan on making.


Diane said:

I love cats and am planning on making the Quiltmaker cat pattern from the series that ran last year for my nephew’s newest baby.


Cecilia said:

I love frogs and I made a frog applique quilt last year. It was my very first applique quilt and it turned out great. Thanks for the giveaway.



I love zoo animals I started a quilt a few years ago and made paper pieced animals, I have 2 elephnts and 1 giraffe left over so I’m planning to put them in a quilted Scrapbook cover I’m making for a new baby .I might add an owl if I have the space.

Barb Johnson

Barb Johnson said:

I made a quilt with cats, but they were pieced, not appliqued. And yes, cats are my favorite animal!

Joan H.

Joan H. said:

My favorite animal is a sheltie dog but I have never included one in a quilt. Your owl pattern is so darn cute that I would love to make a child’s quilt using him as the theme.


CB said:

The owls are a hoot!!! Once I appliqued a ballerina kitty (instead of a poodle!) on a circle skirt for my daughter. I was so proud of it. It really was cute :)

Chris P

Chris P said:

I love your owls block, very cute. My favorite animal is my dog. She is a Rat Terrier and curious about everything. I have used dogs in a quilting pattern that turned out very cute. Thanks for a chance to win.

Sandy Call

Sandy Call said:

The owl block is really cute, the last applique I did was for a flower block exchange.

Thanks for the opportunity to win the 100 blocks 7th edition.

collette mcmanus

collette mcmanus said:

I am working on an applique flower block for a fellow guild member…a friendship block. Thanks for the giveaway. Really cute owl.

Audrey Goodwin

Audrey Goodwin said:

Turtles are my fave and I’m trying to design an appliqué now. But my 2nd Fav are Owls which are my mother-in-laws favorite. I picked up a cut kitchen towel with owls and have a 3 stacked owl appliqué and embroidery design that I am going to personalize for her for Mother’s Day. She will be 91 in July so I’m eyeing the cute owl quilt!

Lisa E

Lisa E said:

My favorite animal is the tiger and no, I have never put one into a quilt. However, my daughter’s favorite animal is a rabbit, and I’ve embroidered that! I also have made Elmer the Elephant and gave that to my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. I love your patterns, especially Lombard Street!

Carol W

Carol W said:

I am fascinated by giraffes, and loved seeing them running free in Africa. I did make a safari quilt and included a giraffe.


Sandhya said:

I love your Hootie. I also enjoyed going through your blog. Love the colours you have used and the Hexagon quilt is wonderful.

Pam @ Antiqueornot

Pam @ Antiqueornot said:

Cats are my favorite animals. I haven’t done a kitty quilt yet, but I did just pick up the Accuquilt cat die. It will definitely be getting some use soon!


ritainalaska said:

whales are my favorite … i’ve made one quilt with a whale on it, given to my son for or five years ago.


Marta-Myo said:

It may look incredible but I am in love with……. owls!! and though I embroidered some of them I never attempted putting them in a quilt! Thanks for this giveaway! Marta


JoAnn said:

I don’t usually put animals on my quilts as I mostly do piecing. However, when I made my son a quilt awhile back, I used some fabrics with wild animals on them, such as deer, moose and elk, as he is a hunter. I also used that fabric on the back.


KT said:

My favorite animal is a dog. I have not yet made a dog quilt, though I love the one that was on the cover of Quiltmaker a couple of years ago—it is on the list for someday. Cute owl! Thanks for the chance to win!

Billie Kretzschmar

Billie Kretzschmar said:

Your owl……is so hooty! :D

Joan Rodriguez

Joan Rodriguez said:

My favorite animals are cats and incorporating “cat” fabric into quilts is as far as I’ve gone to show off my kitty luv. Your owl is too cute! :)


cynthia said:

My favorite animal is a cat, and I have made an applique pillow with a kitty on it. It was in a Kaffe Fassett at Home book.

Shirley V D

Shirley V D said:

I am not sure which would be my favorite animal. My daughter has two cats, that I LOVE. I am still fairly new to quilting, so I have not done any large projects with animals. Recently I made a small scissor keep, on which I appliqued a tiny one inch butterfly. I would like to try doing some more butterflies and small bugs, and maybe some kitties. I also have some patterns for baby animal quilts for kids.


Laura said:

I love the fox but have not included it in a quilt yet. I have loons, owls, moose, deer, bear but no fox yet.

Helen Bazinet

Helen Bazinet said:

HOOTIE is such a cute little devil (owl) love the design.


katieQ said:

My favorite animal is the giraffe. I have included giraffe fabrics in an Eye Spy quilt, but never made a quilt where the giraffe was a central part of the design,


Kate said:

My favorite animal now is my dog. I haven’t commemorated him into a quilt . . . yet. Thanks for the chance at a great prize!

Linda Jerome

Linda Jerome said:

Love the owl block and they owl quilt, it is so cute and would look so nice in my room. Want to win the book and patterns.

sandy Lowery

sandy Lowery said:

My favorite animal is a dog but alas, I have not included one in a quilt yet…ahaa…I still have time to do that.

Judi Reiss

Judi Reiss said:

My favorite animal is the dog. Poodles in particular! I have put one on a skirt for a costume, but not in a quilt. Hmmm, put that on my list!

Kathy L

Kathy L said:

Love your owls. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy L

Kathy L said:

Love your owls. Forgot to say I love cats and have made cat quilts..

Sue S

Sue S said:

Love the owls, and I really need that magazine! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathleen Wood-Kaiser

Kathleen Wood-Kaiser said:

I have 2 Siamese cats, they’re my favorite animals. I’ve taken a lot of photos of them with plans to figure out an appliqué but haven’t done it ,yet.


Nancysue said:

I love elephants and hedgehogs. In that order. Haven’t placed either one in a quilt. Had an elephant pin cushion though, and didn’t have the heart to stick it all up with pins. Yeah, no, can’t squish a spider either.
Hide the tootsie roll lollipops! Those owls are cute!!!

Marilyn Shulsen

Marilyn Shulsen said:

I have been doing chickens and roosters lately. There are so many fun patterns for them.
I love the owl.


Annmarie said:

Hootie is just too cute! I love owls but my favorite animal is the giraffe. I made a baby blanket with a giraffe in the middle a few years ago and I have patterns & fabric for 2 wallhangings I haven’t started yet! There are so many wonderful animal patterns out there. Didn’t have a chance to do the Quiltmaker blog hop last week so can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Vol 7 to see what’s in there!

Debbie M

Debbie M said:

I’m partial to birds. We don’t currently own any (they can be noisy sometimes, LOL.) When it was my turn for the block of the month in my quilt group a bunch of years ago, I chose for everyone to make a bird block. I still have them, not made into a quilt yet! Love your owl, Shayla!

Margaret Andrews

Margaret Andrews said:

I am thinking about making a sea cucumber on a quilt because it is unique and something that we have in Alaska that is unique…but I haven’t made a pattern yet, but may soon. Your owls are really cute. Thanks for sharing.

Janet Farley

Janet Farley said:

My mother loved owls which made it so easy to find her a gift for different occasions and I have become addicted to them since I have her collection now. Your quilt is one of the cutest I have ever seen and I would dearly love to win the book so that I could make it. i walk outside at night to sit on my porch to listen to the owl “hoot” that lives somewhere in a tree close by and feel like she is there with me listening too.


Lee said:

I love your owls! thank you…. My favorite animal is the artic fox

Donna S

Donna S said:

I love polar bears but I don’t want to get up close and personal. On a white background, they’re a work of art!

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