Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 7
Hello lovelies! I have had a great time reading all the blogs on Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour. I am lucky enough to work for Quiltmaker for my day job! So, today I have blog posts in both places. For you that means more opportunities to win goodies! 
I doodle. A lot. Especially when I should be working on something else. I found my original doodle of the owl before I played with it in Illustrator. He is rough! But the idea is pretty much the same in the finished block design. The best part: he made the cover!
Meet Hootie! He is my raw-edge appliqued 12" block in 100 Blocks Volume 7. The design did evolve a little bit from the original doodle. I placed the owl on a tree branch and in front of a full moon. 
Hootie is scrappy, made completely with fabrics from my stash and scrap bins. I don't have the patience for hand anything, so I used a machine blanket stitch to secure Hootie's feathers (and other parts!). My favorite part are his slightly doofy eyes. They make me smile.
Here is an idea of what you could do with multiple Hooties: make a little colorful owl family! 
Alright, now to the goods. We will be giving away two prizes! Each will include one Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 7 issue and 4 Sassafras Lane patterns. 

For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post (click the post title and scroll to the bottom) telling me your favorite animal and whether you have put it in a quilt, and submit by midnight MST, Thursday, May 9. I will pick two lucky winners on Friday and email them. =] Thank you for stopping by!



VickiT said:

My favorite animal is a cat. No, I have not added any cats to any quilts other than using machine embroidery on a few baby quilts I have done. I haven’t found any cats I like yet other than in using a digitized one where they can be a little more realistic.


Jocelyn said:

My favorite animal is a polar bear. No I have never put them in a quilt. But I bet it would be cute :-)

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie said:

I like lots of different kinds of birds. I have made quilts with robins, flamingos, and owls. Your owl block is really cute and I love your quilt patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

Teresa in Music City

Teresa in Music City said:

My favorite animal is the panda bear, and alas, no, I have not yet put him in a quilt. But I definitely plan to someday :*) Thanks for the giveaway – I’m so glad I’ve found your site!

Pat V.

Pat V. said:

My favorite animal is the cat, and they have appeared in many of my quilts. I love your owl, he is soooooo cute!


Deb said:

I’d say a bird…and yes, I have put appliqued birds on a wall hanging in the past.

Linda Fleming

Linda Fleming said:

My favorite animal has to be my cat, Rover.
I haven’t got round to putting him in a quilt yet!
Owls come a close second, especially Snowy Owls.

Btw, Congratulations!
Hottie is just adorable!


Sandi1100 said:

My favorite animal is a cat and I have never put them in a quilt. I did make a stuffed cat once. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine and some of your patterns.

Valorie Spanogle

Valorie Spanogle said:

I love whales but I did a quilt with owl fabrics for my granddaughter and I find myself being drawn to the feathery side! Love you design and thanks for the contests!

Lauren aka Giddy99

Lauren aka Giddy99 said:

I love cats, deer and raccoons, and I plan to make a deer quilt. Maybe a raccoon one, too…?

Sharon Judkins

Sharon Judkins said:

My favorite animal is a cat. I have two who help me all the time in my sewing room. Great giveaway. Would love to win and I love your block.


diane said:

My favorite animal is the dachsund - but, alas, I haven’t seen a pattern…..Maybe that a Doxy pattern could be a project for you! BTW, your Hootyquilt is adorable — with his eyes in different positions and the moon on just one block! Fantastic:) I plan to make one to enter in our guild’s quilt show in the children’s category!

Karen Watkins

Karen Watkins said:

I love your owls! What a great idea for a scrap quilt! My favorite animal is a chickadee. I love everything about them. I haven’t put a chickadee on a quilt yet, but I think I have an applique pattern for one. Thanks for the chance to win the magazine and your wonderful patterns.


Madeline said:

My hubby’s nickname for me is “moose”, so one of the first quilts I made is from a pattern called “Bubba Moose” or something like that.


MaryEllen said:

I’ve done alot all are favorites when done!

Sara Dinis

Sara Dinis said:

Well I starte out decorating cakes with fondants and then when I learned I could make quilts fell in love with doing so. I have only been quilting for about a year and a half. But I am currently stashing fabric to make a quilt with my favorite animal " the peacock". I would like to do a unique quilt and design the peacock myself using appliqué pieces. But I also loveeeeeeee the owls an have desided to decorate my laundry room with them. I have peacocks in the kitchen dining and living room. Your owl block is just darling! Would make a wonderful addition to my collection ;)


CarolynR said:

I don’t think I could ever pick just one favorite animal! I am a sucker for all animals! I made a quilt for my sister-in-law’s dog several years ago and had it quilted with her name, Belle and bones all over. Hootie is adorable and I think I’ll have to bring him into my home!

Glenda Holcomb

Glenda Holcomb said:

Love the owls and their goofy eyes. I would be an honor to receive a gift from you. Thanks!


Angela said:

I love owls! My daughter’s room is covered in owls and my next quilting goal is adding an owl like the one you did. She has an owl quilt but no appliqué. I just did my first appliqué on a quilt and I used the baby’s name.

Carol Crisp

Carol Crisp said:

Loving the bold beautiful quilts on your blog! This was my first visit and I will be sure to subscribe :) I love lots of animals, but right now I’m fascinated with the squirrels here in southern GE. They vary in color from brown, to black, to gray to red – and I mean red even brighter than a red squirrel in New Hampshire, where we come from. The neat thing about the GE squirrels is the huge tufts on their ears! They are just adorable. So, no, I haven’t yet put them on a quilt, but have photographed, sketched and tried to free motion quilt them.

Sandra Beck

Sandra Beck said:

Love my owls.Everywhere I am the owl or an owl is there,hoot,hoot,hooting away.
I especially love the colors you chose. Thanks for the chance to win.

Jeanne Jones

Jeanne Jones said:

My favorite animals are dogs. I have made several quilts with dog fabric, embroidered dogs on shirts for grandsons, and appliquéd dogs on quilts. I even made a tote bag with…you guessed it, dogs. Everyone in my family has rescued dogs – they are the best “breed”.

Bonnie Pfrimmer

Bonnie Pfrimmer said:

I love all animals and can’t pick just one. I like the owls you did and would like to try that. I watch owl cams on ustreme, I have always loved owls. Thanks for the chance to win.

Bernie S

Bernie S said:

Love owls…of course they are the “in” thing right now. I think the last thing I appliqued was a block of hexies last summer that represented the yellow brick road under a rainbow. My mother had just died so I put her birthdate at the beginning and her death date at the end.

Lori Jane

Lori Jane said:

Love the owl block! Love dogs the most and they have been in a quilt.

tracy dvr

tracy dvr said:

LOVE dogs & horses… working on the Bigfork Bay horse appliques for my DD. Playing around w/ photos to come up with a sketch of my DS’s horse & collie to make a wall hanging for his house. And playing with sketches to make schnauzer & other pet postcards for this year’s Houston IQF Pet Project to benefit Friends for Life, Houston’s premiere no-kill animal shelter. check out the info about it
It’s a great project that is so easy to become involved with!

Mary Jo

Mary Jo said:

Oh wow!! I am right at this moment making an owl applique quilt for my granddaughter’s high school graduation!! I made my own patter but I sure wish I had YOURS when I started this project! To tell you the truth, I love all animals and I live on a farm. I just couldn’t pick a favorite because they all have their own unique personalities!!


Annie said:

I think my favorite animals are dogs. Growing up, my family had a poodle. While my kids were growing up, we had a Border Terrier. My youngest daughter has a chihuahua/pug mix; my older daughter just (last week) got a Norwegian Elkhound mix; and my son plans to get a rescued greyhound (once he finishes with law school). Maybe I should make a family pet quilt!


Juli said:

Congrats on making the cover!! Super cute!! I love too many animals to be a favorite, but I just finished the Buggy Barn Frog Quilt taught by Kristy. Very fun!!

Maryln Fleming

Maryln Fleming said:

I favor the frog. I have made 2 frog quilts already, one is applique and the other was paper pieced. Birds are also a favorite and I have made a large quilt with 12 bird blocks paper pieced.

Liz Engman

Liz Engman said:

I guess my favorite animal is a cat, though I love birds as shapes (like your owl and the Little Birdies Block). however, I’ve not used any in a quilt—so far. I like the way your virtual owl quilt has all the owl eyes looking in different places.


Barb Colvin

Barb Colvin said:

I love cats—domesticated or not. I have a stash of fabric in cat prints and a couple of cat block patterns, but, alas, no completed projects!

Linda said:

I would say my favorite animal would have to be a lion with a full mane. I saw a gorgeous quilt at Paducah one year with appliqué and embroidery around a resting lion. I bought the calendar and photo package so I could have a nice photo.

Ellie Willard

Ellie Willard said:

I was at a Joanns today, but could not find a copy of this issue – #7, so winning would be the best way to collect this cute owly pattern for a new baby quilt I want to make. Thanks for the chance.

Peggy Jebavy

Peggy Jebavy said:

Blue Heron and yes…I appliqued one to a quilt using a photo I took of one in our canal behind our house in Virginia Beach, VA!

Marti Parsons

Marti Parsons said:

I love horses, but would love to make this block for a dear friend who loves her “hooters”!


Laura said:

I love cats but haven’t found the right pattern yet. Love these owls!


Melanie said:

Love dogs. I have a friend that paints abstracts of dogs and I have copied her paintings into quilted wall hangings that we auction off to a local rescue group.


Julie said:

My favorite animal is a dog p preferably a puppy. I’m not much of an animal lover, but they make it into almost all of the baby quilts that I make. In fact, the last one had owls in it. It was so sweet.

Carol Johnston

Carol Johnston said:

I have a tree appliqued against a background of batiks. I’m actually planning to add a small owl to it before I quilt it

Kathy A

Kathy A said:

Congratulations on making the cover of magazine! Your owls are a HOOT! I’ve made a number of quilts with cats. I love ALL animals;-)



“My favorite animal is a bird…a flamingo. Yes they are in my quilts, somewhere in the quilt. They are my signature. Thank you!!!! I would love the fabric collection…

Tami Chaulk

Tami Chaulk said:

My favorite animal has to be cats. When my husband and I retired we got two cats that are bother and sister. They have added so much enjoyment to our life. I haven’t done a quilt with a cat on it. I am still looking for just the right pattern to do.
I sure hope I find one soon. Thanks for the chance to win!

pat sprengel

pat sprengel said:

I like bears and owls. I actually made a wall hanging of pieced owls yrs ago, but never applique version, I may have to try your technique some day. thank you for your design

Sharon McQuade

Sharon McQuade said:

I love cats, however have not yet dedicated a quilt to them. I have done Noahs Ark for my grandson, his favourite is the monkey.
Thanks for opportunity to win


Nancy said:

I am not working on an applique project at this, but I love the owls. I can so see making this for my owl-nerd daughter :)

Margaret Quilts

Margaret Quilts said:

I call my great granddaughters my little monkies. I just finished a cute baby quilt with appliqued 3-d monkies.

Patricia Hersl

Patricia Hersl said:

Not crazy about doing critters but I did turtles in honor of my UMaryland grad for his daughter .Also I’ve done birds, mostly in memory of my mother. I like animals, just very picky about stitching them. The owls are a hit!


Karyn said:

I think my favorite “animal” is the Carousel Horse…and no, I haven’t put one into a quilt yet…but I do have a 2 year old girl…so, I’m sure, somewhere in time, it will happen! Thanks for the chance to win….and SO generous with additional patterns! Thank you!

Kaye M.

Kaye M. said:

My favorite animal is a dog. When our son graduated from high school I made him a quilt that had 2 of his favorite things on it—a dog and a red pickup truck!

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