Arcadia Avenue - Blooming (block 5)

Blooming is the 5th block of our Arcadia Avenue Quilt Along! We are now over a 1/3 of the way through the blocks. Time has really flown by - I can't believe it is already April! 

Shayla's Block Parts:

Arcadia Avenue Block 5 - Blooming

Following color order, gold is up next! With taxes, the holiday weekend and my procrastination, I don't have a block to share today. Sorry! I will post it later this week when it is all finished. I like where it is headed so far though! Unlike me, my mom is on her game. Below are the two blocks she sewed!

Kristy's Block:

Arcadia Avenue Block 5 - Blooming

I really love this block - its one of my favorites! I used purples, blues and teals that were all pretty similar in value for my 12 colors. I just used one pink fabric this time and put it where the dark would have been and left the light in place. The dark fabric went where the medium originally was. The light fabric paired with the pink makes the center of this block awesome!!

Shared Block:

Arcadia Avenue Block 5 - Blooming

This was the gold block in our color order Arcadia! We left the light as it is in the pattern but switched the medium and dark fabrics - this really accentuated the center "bloom" going around. We found 12 fun golds, one with bees and another with cacti!

Block 5 Design Options

Arcadia Avenue Block 5 - Blooming

  1. Changing Values - Swap the colors with the lights and dark to create an interesting illusion.
  2. Blooming Flower - Use warm tones to create a beautiful blooming flower.
  3. Changing Values - Use light fabrics for the colors and put the colors where the medium or light fabrics go for a subtle block.
  4. Optical Illusion - Make all the A and B foundations opposites with only two different contrasting colors to create an interesting illusion!

And last but not least, we picked another winner for a small little prize! We chose Amber Rorher for sharing this photo of her Target Practice block on Instagram.

Now your turn! We want to see how your blocks turn out! We have started a Flickr group so you can add your photos there! We will pick another winner for a small giveaway from everyone who participates.

First time here? No problem! Join in the fun. Grab a book here, read up on the previous posts here and begin when it works for you! Be sure to use the #ArcadiaAvenueQAL hashtag on Instagram and Twitter too! Thanks for stopping by!



Ann said:

I have completed all 12 of the Arcadia Avenue…so pretty. However, I have a king-size bed and would like to enlarge it by 4 blocks…and I would like to make 4 different ones…would you have 4 patterns you could sell or send to me?

Thanks, Ann

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