Arcadia Avenue QAL - Paper Piecing January 19 2015, 8 Comments

Hey Everyone! It has been a blast seeing all the different fabric pulls you are coming up with. If you haven't shared your fabrics yet, don't fret! We still would love to see them, so add them to our Flickr group. Today is more of an information day, but then next time the sewing begins =]

Paper Piecing

Let's talk paper-piecing. People either seem to love it, hate it or fear it! This is a sewing technique that comes with a list of pros and cons. For us, the pros outweigh the cons. We love the precision of the points and the creativity a foundation allows. 

Paper Piecing

New to paper-piecing? Think about it as sewing by numbers. It really is that easy! We have a photo tutorial here for reference. 

We have had quite a few requests for the yardage amounts for Arcadia Avenue. Below is the fabric amounts you need. The two backgrounds, binding and backing you will not need until the blocks are finished. We will show you how we audition backgrounds down the road. 

    • ½ yards of 12 Assorted Fabrics
    • 2¾ yards of a Light Fabric
    • 1¾ yards of a Medium Fabric
    • 2¼ yards of a Dark Fabric
    • 1½ yards of 2 Coordinating Background Fabrics
    • ⅝ yard of Binding Fabric
    • 5½ yards of Backing Fabric

We also have a few recommended products (not necessary, but will make life much easier!).

We would love to hear your thoughts on paper-piecing. Are there any products you absolutely love that we need to hear about?

There is no link up on today's post, but if you have progress photos please add them to our Flickr group for your chance to win a fun little prize. Our first winner is Dana (aka the Crafty Minx) for sharing this fun fabric selection:


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