Introducing the Daily Duffle

I have been completely failing on the blog front! I apologize! Between Quilt Market, moving (again) and the holidays, I have been slacking a little! We still have tons of Quilt Market projects to share, but first we still need to officially introduce two more patterns! The first one is the Daily Duffle, our modern take on the classic duffle bag! Plenty of room for that weekend getaway with a roomy inside and lots of exterior pockets. With a zippered enclosure and two zippered end pockets your treasures stay safe! The Daily Duffle finishes 18" wide, 10" tall and 10" deep. Super easy piping gives this bag a professional finished look. Can be worn as an over-the shoulder or carried by the handles.

The Daily Duffle bag pattern

The bag can feature one fabric on the outside, 2 1/2" strips or scraps! We have versions in all three styles, but today we are sharing the cover bag made with an adorable weekday fabric, a black and white crosshatch and a solid lime green. We made this one from our stash and love how it turned out! This fabric is also how the bag was named... days of the week = The Daily Duffle

The Daily Duffle bag pattern

The Daily Duffle pattern has zippers, faux binding and piping. These elements give the bag a nice professional look, and we make them super easy on you! 

We also provide handy dandy hardware kits to accompany the patterns. The Daily Duffle Hardware Kit includes two 1-1/4" wide Gate Hooks, one 1-1/4" Handle Slide and 2 yards of 3/16 Cording.

The Daily Duffle bag pattern

Duffle Stats:

    • Made by: Kristy Wolf
    • Pattern: The Daily Duffle
    • Fabric: Days of the Week fabric, Widescreen by Carolyn Friedlander and a Lime Solid
    • Finished Size: 18" wide, 10" tall and 10" deep
    • Techniques: Straight sewing and piping (photo tutorial here)
    • My Favorite Part: The pops of color on the black and white fabrics!

The Daily Duffle pattern is available here in PDF and paper form and hardware kits are available here. If you make this or any other Sassafras Lane pattern, we would love to see it! Be sure to stop back by this weekend for more versions of the Daily Duffle. Thanks for stopping by =] Happy Sewing!


Jessica Bacon

Jessica Bacon said:

It seems like this bag works best for non directional prints due to there not being a seam at the bottom of the bag, but your sample pictured is a directional print.
Did you add a seam at the bottom or is one side just the words upside down?

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