Arcadia Avenue Quilt Along

Hello Everyone! We are planning an Arcadia Avenue Quilt Along for 2015. We had so much fun making the first few quilts, we both wanted to make another one! So, we are going to sew along with you =] We would love to have the quilts done by Christmas 2016, so we are going to make 2 blocks a month starting in February. But feel free to go at your own pace and join in whenever you would like!

Here is the schedule we are going to try to stick to:

January 5th: Choosing Fabrics
January 19th: Paper-piecing Refresher
February 2nd: Block #1
February 16th: Block #2
March 2nd: Block #3
March 16th: Block #4
April 6th: Block #5
April 20th: Block #6
May 4th: Block #7
May 18th: Block #8
June 1st: Block #9
June 15th: Block #10
July 6th: Block #11
July 20th: Block #12
August 3rd: Quilt Setting
September 7th: Quilting & Finishing
New Year's 2016: Arcadia Avenue Gallery (Your finished quilts!)

We will share with you our personal fabric selections for the upcoming quilts on the 5th and give some tips for choosing fabrics. Every two weeks we will be showing you our blocks and a few creative ways to make the block your own! There will be a link up on the post and an on going Flickr page to add your photos to. We will have a small giveaway with each step open to anyone participating! 

I even made a little button! Go ahead and grab one from the sidebar for your blog =]

This is our first QAL, so please let us know if we are missing something! Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to sewing along with you in 2015 =]


Martha Branson

Martha Branson said:

Great idea. Happy to join in. There will probably be a group of us in Kodiak, Alaska doing it.


Kathy said:

Yea! How FUN this will be! Really looking forward to it! Thanks so much for offering this QAL!

tabatha smith

tabatha smith said:

I just found this and would love to participate. I saw the chair cushions and just swooned! do I need to do anything besides pick fabric at this point? thanks, Tabatha

Terry Maimone

Terry Maimone said:

I just started cutting mine out last night and am planning on blogging as I go! This will be fun!! I also added your Quilt Along button to my page!

Janet Crossman

Janet Crossman said:

I just joined your blog and was wondering how do I join your BOM. Love the patterns and love to paperpiece.
Thanks would love to join along.

Violette McConnell

Violette McConnell said:

I am very interested in joining the BOM. Would you kindly indicate where this can be done – love the quilt!


Carito said:

I want to participate, I´l love it. I´m from Venezuela

Patti O.

Patti O. said:

I’m planning to join your BOM. Love the bright colors! Now what I can’t find is the amount of each fabric I should get. Do you have any idea of how much we should get?

Patti O.

Joy C.

Joy C. said:

I am definitely joining in for this quilt along. Excited to work on the Arcadia Avenue quilt!

Valerija Mezhybovska

Valerija Mezhybovska said:

it looks great! I’d love to join. I just have to find some fabric (that I normally don’t have).

Sue Gallagher

Sue Gallagher said:

So, do I need to do anything to join? Buy the pattern? Please let me know what I need to do to catch up!

Theresa Malvasi

Theresa Malvasi said:

I have tried to join your email but once I hit subscribe button it has page not found? Please add my email as I would like to participate with the Arcadia QAL and I have already received my pattern book. Thank you!


Karen said:

Oh my gosh I am SO VERY EXCITED. These blocks are fantastic and thanks for sharing with us your techniques and colour choices. This type of paper piecing has been on my to-do-list for ages and ages. I have dedicated this year TO ME! I will most definitely be joining you all.


Agusia said:

I want to participate. These blocks are fantastic. Please let me know what I need to do to catch up!


Rosemary said:

I just started making this beautiful quilt! Not sure I’ll ever catch up to the QAL but I’ll be here sewing away!!

Deb Hiltbold

Deb Hiltbold said:

I’m doing BOM and having trouble sewing the center points together. Pattern does not give pressing guide. The center will not lay flat. Looks like a big hat. I need some help with that. Not happy


Juneblue said:

Like the first comment I am having trouble matching the centres. I have worked on it for 2 days and finally got it more or less acceptable. It is very difficult. At first I pressed my seams open but eventually found that to press the dark seams to the opposite direction from the light seams. Then I matched the centre and machine tacked it before finally adjusting and machining it firmly. I still have a slight convex shape on the right side but am hoping I can cope with that when quilting the block. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated.


Gretchen said:

I am having a fun time with this project. I am working on my 7th block, not in numerical order, and feel like there have been a few color blocks that are not the right size. Anyone else having this issue? Kodiak, Alaska

Buffy Harris

Buffy Harris said:

I LOVE the Arcadia Avenue quilt and would like info on how to join the quilt along or to get the block patterns (Not seeing that info on the site. I see where to click for each block but not access to the block pattern).
Thanks so much

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