Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm + Giveaway!

We fell in love with a new line from Andover Fabrics. Jolly Farm is an adorable line chalked full of cute farm animals, trackers, patterns and foliage. We paired the line with an orange solid background to make a fun crib size Diamond Detour.

Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm

Our good friend and fellow quilter, Juli Kieny, made and quilted this adorable quilt. She quilted serpentine lines in the background diamonds which gives the solid fabric some texture. I love how it looks!

Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm

Shelby really wanted to help us take photos! She kept circling my Mom as she held the quilt. We finally got her to sit between her legs for a photo!

Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm

Quick Quilt Stats:

    • Made and Quilted by: Juli Kieny
    • Quilting: Serpentine lines and diamond echoing.
    • Pattern: Diamond Detour
    • Fabric: Jolly Farm from Andover Fabrics
    • Finished Size: 33" x 45" - Tall size
    • Techniques: Basic piecing
    • My Favorite Part: The quilting texture and adorable fabrics!

Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm

And now to the giveaway! Andover Fabrics generously donated a fat-quarter bundle of the Jolly Farm prints used in the quilt to give away! So we will be giving away the fat-quarter bundle and a paper Diamond Detour pattern.

Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm

Diamond Detour in Jolly Farm

For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post (click the post title and scroll to the bottom) telling us what your favorite animal is, and submit by midnight PST, Friday, September 25. I will choose a lucky and email them!

We will also be having a sale on the Diamond Detour patterns this weekend, starting tomorrow, so be sure to grab one. Thanks for stopping by!





Nupur said:

I love this quilt- great design and the colors are cheerful. My favorite animal would have to be the dog. Especially the over-sized adorable specimen that lives with me :)

Lisa McGriff

Lisa McGriff said:

My favorite animal is a dog. I have two dachshund girls and they are our babies!

Lindsay S.

Lindsay S. said:

I completely melted when I saw that sheep fat quarter because I LOVE SHEEP! I know, I’m a weirdo, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I like the concept of a “black sheep” – do your own thang! Go against the grain! Plus they are super cute and I have a thing about farms – I just love em. I want to feed a baby lamb with a baby bottle someday… LOL. It’s on my bucket list! I have even written about my love of sheep in my blog ( https://sewlindsaysew.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/i-love-sheep ) … can’t make this stuff up! Thanks for giving us the opportunity for such a magical giveaway. :)

Janet McGarvey

Janet McGarvey said:



Michelle said:

I was just looking at this line on the website yesterday. Its so cute. Dogs are y favorite animal. The boxer breed to be exact.


Rina said:

I love this pattern. It’s so different from anything out there. I really like the rainbow version on the cover of the pattern. My favorite animal is a cat because of their, “I am the ruler of my realm” attitude. I also love hearing them purr when they are totally content. They remind me of me! I’m queen of my realm and very contented when I’m sewing, you can almost hear me purr. Thanks for the chance at this cute bundle.


Janie said:

Love your quilt, the background fabric really makes it pop. I would love to have chickens. They are my favorite animal. Thanks for the chance.

Barbara Dundas

Barbara Dundas said:

Kitty cats!


Vicki said:

I just adore sheep on fabrics.

Linda Edwards

Linda Edwards said:

My favorite animal is a lamb. They are so cute, cuddly, and gentle. At any county or state fair I head to the sheep building first and have to stay awhile and pet a few. Plus, I live near, and have an annual pass to, a historical living history town where sheep are kept as part of the farming exhibit and sheared for their wool. The sheep are moved from pasture to pasture and I always try to find them. Of course I love these fabrics with the cute sheep.


debbie said:

I have 5 cats. That is my answer – cats. :) Thanks for the chance to win. Love it!


Kristy said:

I love cats. :) Dogs are great too, but cats it is for me. Thanks for the chance. This is an amazing quilt!!!


Gayle said:

My favorite animal is the hedgehog…but I like to snuggle my pets, so I have three dogs and a cat instead. Thanks for the opportunity to win the great pattern and cute fabric!

Vivien Tan

Vivien Tan said:

I love owls! They are the cutest flying animal ever and I’ve lots of fabrics showing owls. They appear in many of my projects too.

Allison C

Allison C said:

My favorite animal is an otter

Kathy Davis

Kathy Davis said:

My favorite animal is my schnauzer Maggie. She watches me sew!

barbara woods

barbara woods said:

Love my dogs

Kathy Luehrs

Kathy Luehrs said:

Cute pattern – love the colors


Veronika said:

Bunnies!! But really all animals, I love animals!!


Pam said:

All baby animals, but especially puppies!

Tabitha K.

Tabitha K. said:

My favorite animal is a dog, I’ve got to two fur babies! I love this fabric and the quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!



Jackie said:

I my dog. She is really sweet. Cute fabric!

Betty Woodlee

Betty Woodlee said:

I love Diamond our black lab. She is a sweet heart.


Chris said:

I have 3 dogs and 1 cat so I can’t choose really. The dogs are my walking company and protector, the cat is a lap partner.

Aleksandra Jeske

Aleksandra Jeske said:

I love dogs and cats! :)

Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers said:

My favorite animal is a cat. If my husband would let me have more than one I could easily become the cat lady with several. One will have to do. I love this pattern and the fabric you used. I am hoping I am the lucky winner so I can make two baby quilts for my two new grandsons. I haven’t made them quilts yet.

Bear Creek Quilting Company

Bear Creek Quilting Company said:

Love all your quilt images and the batik quilt is my favorite. I love all animals but by current favorite is my cat Tuxedo. He is a character and believes he is part dog. His actions make me smile every day and he is as lovable as they come. Thanks for the give-away and looking forward to seeing you at Market! ~Shari


Peg said:

I love cats the best.


LINDA said:

Hi, neat fabrics+pattern!
My favorite is a kitten.
Thanks for sharing!

Karen Holtgrewe

Karen Holtgrewe said:

The design is different and very nice looking. I will have to try to break it down into the “how-to” components! I’d have to say that my favorite animal has to be humans! This may not be what you were thinking of . . there are many wonderful creatures in the world but humans outrank them all. ;-)

Jane Marlow

Jane Marlow said:

I love this pattern! Conjures wonderful images of free form quilting to juxtapose against the geometry of the diamonds! I would cherish both pattern and fabric if I won!

Annette Deardurff

Annette Deardurff said:

I simply ADORE Diamond Detour quilt pattern! Great work!!!!!!! And the fabric is VERY awesome! Would LOVE LOVE to win! Thx for the chance.

Lisa E

Lisa E said:

Beautiful quilt! I love cats and dogs but I’d have to choose a cat; they are a lot easier to take care of. Shelby is adorable though!

Annette S.

Annette S. said:

Love cats, your quilt is awesome.

Sandy A in St Louis

Sandy A in St Louis said:

My favorite animal is the Scottish terrier. Once you have been owned by one there will be no other favorite animal!

Marianne Brosky

Marianne Brosky said:

My favorite animal is deer, I live in the woods and love to watch the little ones!

Janet T

Janet T said:

Love the quilt and design! Very unusual! Thank you for the giveaway. I like dogs the best. Cats second.


Cecilia said:

Cute quilt! I love the orang with these prints. My favorite animal is a kitten. Thanks for the chance to win the fabric and pattern.

Kathy Luehrs

Kathy Luehrs said:


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