Introducing Euclid Avenue!

Say hello to Euclid Avenue! This is a super quick, easy and fun foundation pieced quilt with endless possibilities! Depending on the fabric placement, Euclid Avenue can take on any personality! The pattern also has three sizes included to make your life easier! Check out our cover quilt:

The Euclid Avenue quilt pattern requires eight fabrics. For our cover quilt we used Art Gallery's Oval Elements and Pure Elements. When choosing fabrics, we recommend choosing two coordinating fabrics from four different colors. We paired an Oval Element fabric with a Solid and it created a fun shadow texture. Don't be afraid of patterned fabrics though! The pieces are fairly large and will show off fabrics nicely!

My Mom, the amazing talent behind Wolf Creek Quilting, kept the quilting on this one simple. She quilted straight lines vertically along the quilt with various widths in a lime green thread. I love the slight crinkles the quilting created! 

I had fun photographing this one! Everything is green here in California, so it wasn't hard to find nice backgrounds. I threw the quilt over my apartment building sign, hooked it to a wall covered in ivy and threw it on a Google lawn chair!

To make Euclid Avenue, you will need legal-size foundation papers (Don't worry! We carry them and so does your local quilt store, most likely.) and starch! We have a trick in this pattern we think you will like and will make putting a paper-pieced quilt together so much easier!

For the cover of the Euclid Court pattern, I chose a photo of the quilt draped over a low branch on a grey tree. There is a plant on the bottom left of the photo that bugged me when I first took it, but now I kind of like it! What do you think?

If you make this pattern or any other of our Sassafras Lane Designs patterns, send us an email! ( We would love to feature you and the quilt on here!

The Euclid Avenue quilt pattern is available here in PDF form. Paper patterns are coming soon! Big thank you to Art Gallery Fabrics for providing the perfect fabrics. I will be showing you a few more versions of this quilt soon! Be sure to check back. Thank you for stopping by!

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