Sneak Peek of Churndash Court

Confession: I am terrible at keeping secrets, especially quilty ones! We are working on our next round of patterns and I want to give you a little sneak peek of the first one and the inspiration behind it! 

Do you remember this little 9" paper-pieced block I made back in July? It was for another secret project and is now the inspiration for our next pattern! 

This block became a part of a collaborative quilt for Beth of Plum and June. Beth organized the Let's Get Accquainted - New Bloggers Blog Hop and to say thank you, we each made a block (that represented our individual blogs) and Em, of Sewing by Moonlight, pieced them together into an amazing quilt. Read about the full story here

'Miss Connections' Quilt - photo by Beth of Plum and June

Amazing Quilt Back with Signature Blocks - photo by Em of Sewing by Moonlight

I loved the little block I created, but man was it a lot of work! I decided to take the idea and enlarge it into a wallhanging or baby quilt size. Here is a sneak peek photo of Churndash Court! If you follow me on Instagram, sorry, you have already seen it. Churndash Court is a simple foundation pattern that is scrap and 2 1/2" strip friendly. This one is straight from my scrap bin, but we will have a few more to show you soon!

The instructions are all written! We are getting it tested right now and taking photos for the pattern cover soon, so stay tuned! Be sure to stop by tomorrow -- we are having a little Valentine's Day sale!


Teresa in Music City

Teresa in Music City said:

It’s so beautiful and so simple Shayla!!!
Churndash is one of my favorite blocks :)
I just love it!!!

Laura G

Laura G said:

Love this variation on the churn dash block, great job!

Lisa McGriff

Lisa McGriff said:

Oh how I love giant one block quilts! That is so beautiful!


Jennie said:

Oh, I’m in love, for sure. LOVE churn dash quilts in general, and this one in particular!

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