Wiley Way in Birds of a Feather
This a bright Springy version of our Wiley Way quilt pattern. I thought we could all use a little warmth and brightness in between holidays. We used Birds of a Feather by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller Fabrics along with a few coordinating brights. I have been liking the aqua, coral, lime and grey color combination lately, and this line was perfect! Check out the Cassidy Crossover purses we also made from this line. 

My Mom worked her quilting magic again! She quilted a different motif in each zigzag and a triangular swirl in the background. Swirls, feathers, greek keys, lines, ferns, bubbles and more. She sure is amazing! I hope to commandeer this Wiley Way sometime soon!

We once again, we did a little binding detail in the upper left hand corner using scraps from the zigzags. Look at those cute little birds!

BIg thank you to Michael Miller Fabrics who sent us the fabric to make this beauty and hung it in their booth at Quilt Market! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is happily sewing away this weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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