Say Hello to our 4 NEW ZIPPER COLORS!

New Zippers in the house! And boy are they the burst of color we need during this grey gloomy season in the PNW. We added four new colored stripes to our collection of Zipper Tapes. These new colors pair beautifully with Summer Lovin’, Tula Pink’s fabrics, our Jelly Vinyls, Alison Glass’s fabric and so many more!

Sassafras Lane Zippers


Orange & White Striped Zipper Tape

It is no secret that orange is a household favorite over here and we know a few of you out there love it too! This orange and white combination screams warm summer weather and is perfect for Halloween projects. This zipper looks fantastic with Summer Lovin’, our Bright Orange Vinyl and our Orange Jelly Vinyl!

Sassafras Lane Zippers


Lime & White Striped Zipper Tape

Lime green is what my mom and I would consider a neutral. 🤣 Even if you wouldn’t consider lime a neutral, you have to admit it pairs well with almost everything and this lime green and white combination will show up in so many of our projects very soon. Pair this zipper with our Lime Green Cork, our Parrot Pebbled Vinyl and our Summer Lovin’ fabric line.

Sassafras Lane Zippers


Purple & White Striped Zipper Tape

We knew we wanted a purple zipper, but dang there are some many different variations of the color purple. We ended up with this bright, rich purple that leans towards the red side of purple versus the blue side. This purple is so vibrant and will be sure to make your projects sing. This purple and white zipper looks fantastic with Tula Pink fabrics, our Summer Lovin’ line and our Purple Jelly Vinyl.

Sassafras Lane Zippers


Teal & White Striped Zipper Tape

Talk about a versatile color - this teal and white combination will look beautiful in all manner of projects - perfect from summer to winter projects. This teal zipper pairs perfectly with all those fabrics that feature that “Moda Aqua” color, our Summer Lovin’ fabric line, Bright Turquoise Vinyl and our Aqua and Turquoise Cork.

Sassafras Lane Zippers


Check out our other Zippers. We have quite the growing collection! 

Sassafras Lane Zippers


We have some new bag making essentials coming this Spring that we cannot wait to share with you. Should we add a few new zipper colors to the Sass catalog each year? I think yes! Tell us below what colors we should add next year!

January 23, 2024 by Shayla Wolf
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