New Wynkoop Court Cover Quilt

Next up in our series of new cover quilts is our Wynkoop Court


Wynkoop Court is another oldie but goody in our pattern repertoire! We decided to revamp this beautiful cover for two reasons:

1.  It was brought to our attention multiple times, mostly nicely, occasionally bluntly, that orange is NOT everyone’s favorite color. So, maybe featuring an orange quilt on the cover wasn’t the best idea.

2.  The Wynkoop Court pattern lends itself to a plethora of fun design options, so we made a new cover quilt to reflect that!

Fellow orange-lovers, don’t fret! We still love this cover quilt and will continue to treasure it!


Our new cover quilt is made with Michael Miller Fabrics’ Hashdots and Cotton Couture. We paired each Hashdot print with a similar solid fabric and arranged them to alternate around the white hexagons. This same look can be accomplished by pairing any tonal and solid fabrics together and alternating them.


The Wynkoop Court pattern now includes a coloring page, so you can experiment with fabric placement and color before you start cutting your fabrics. We also would recommend checking out the #WynkoopCourt hashtag on Instagram for some more inspiration!


We loved the quilting Kristy did on the first cover quilt, so she replicated it on this beauty! She quilted spiraling circles in the background hexagons and alternating serpentining lines in the colors. It creates a beautiful texture that really pops!


The Wynkoop Court quilt pattern is a great one for beginners and experts alike and looks fabulous in all sorts of fabrics, colors and designs! Grab a pattern and get sewing today!

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