New Wiley Way Cover Quilt

Wiley Way is the next beauty we are sharing in our new quilt cover series!


Wiley Way is one of our earlier patterns and as much as we love the original cover made in Leah Duncan's Tule fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics, we thought it was time to brighten it up a bit!


We decided to make it with my latest line from Windham Fabrics, Favorite Things. We chose 9 prints from the line and arranged them in color order to create a “rainbow” wave throughout the quilt. We started with lime and worked our way down through turquoise, blue, purple and pink all the way to coral. We chose a dark background so all the colors really pop!


Kristy worked her quilty magic on this Wiley Way quilt! She quilted the alternating zigzags with vertical serpentining lines and other fun fills. I absolutely love when the quilt catches the light and the quilting really stands out!


Photographing this cover was a bit of challenge with the pups in the backyard with us. We decided to embrace the fur and used some treats to get them to sit still enough for a few snaps!


I mean, they are pretty darn adorable and Elsie made the cover!


The Wiley Way quilt pattern is a great one for beginners and experts alike and looks fabulous in all sorts of fabrics, colors and designs! Grab a pattern and get sewing on your favorite zigzaggery quilt today!

April 29, 2021 by Shayla Wolf
Tags: Wiley Way

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