Name this Pattern Contest!

UPDATE: This pattern is now names Wild Moose Chase. Get it here.

This sweet little moose pattern needs a name!

We have been stumped on what to name our upcoming pattern, so we are asking y’all for help. To make it fun, we are going to hold a little contest! We are putting this contest out on our blog, Facebook and Instagram.

We are looking for something cute, clever, funny or just down right amazing - bonus points if it is a street name (avenue, drive, street, circle, etc.)! Comment below with your favorite name(s) and we will pick a winner this Sunday. The winner will win bragging rights! And if that isn’t enough, you will also win the pattern for you and a friend, before anyone else can get it!

New Moose Pattern

Now here are some cute photos to help inspire you! And yes, that is cork fabric we used for the antlers. It appliqués like a dream!

New Moose Pattern

New Moose Pattern

New Moose Pattern

New Moose Pattern

We made some pillows too!

New Moose Pattern

New Moose Pattern

New Moose Pattern

Alright, comment below with your best names! We will choose the winning name on Sunday and ship out the patterns as soon as we get it all finished up. Thanks in advance! =]


Kristy Wolf

Kristy Wolf said:

Moose-ly Way

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie said:

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Fruit Stripe Gum. So I suggest a silly name:
Moose in the Fruit Stripe Lane

Birgit Gehre

Birgit Gehre said:

Rudolfs Allee

Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell said:

Mardi Gras Moose

Ruth Locke

Ruth Locke said:

I think he looks like Bullwinkle

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton said:

Alces Avenue

Alces is both the genus and species designation of the North American moose.

Pam Davison

Pam Davison said:

Mooseberry Circle.

Sandra Montgomery

Sandra Montgomery said:

Bullwinkle, of course!


joan said:

Loose Moose Lane

Pat C

Pat C said:

Here Moosey Moosey


ann said:

Has to be Bullwinkle (from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon)!

Linda Duplantis

Linda Duplantis said:

Corky the moose

Lucinda Jones

Lucinda Jones said:

Jolyn Olson

Jolyn Olson said:


Karen Vince

Karen Vince said:

You Moose be kidding!

Linda Clark

Linda Clark said:

Herd of Rainbow

Kathy said:

Alces Avenue or Wampoose Way…you just gotta keep the street name going!

Jan N.

Jan N. said:

Bullwinkle Boulevard


Annica said:

In sweden we called this great man Helge!

ann casey

ann casey said:

Would like to suggest" Moosejaw or Bust". Absolutely LOVE the new pattern.

Janet Crossman

Janet Crossman said:

“Moose On The Loose”
We had a daily vacation bible week at our local church
and this was the theme for the week, as soon as our week was finished a Moose was spotted and photographed on our local Petitcodiac River that runs through our city. I think your moose are also on the loose.

Pam Schwarze

Pam Schwarze said:

I just watched the Peter Rabbit movie and every time I see this I think of the deer from the movie who freezes and says “Headlights”.
So as silly as it is I think Headlights is a great name.

Patricia Davis

Patricia Davis said:

Sweet Molly Moose.

Beth Purser

Beth Purser said:

Bullwinkle’s Buddies

Patricia Anderson

Patricia Anderson said:

Maynard G Moose

(you have to be of a certain age to remember Maynard G Krebs —not sure if I spelled that right but an old character on TV)

De baker

De baker said:

I think it’s Ruddy….the riendeer

Lady Bug

Lady Bug said:



Carole said:

“Mighty Moose”


Jessica said:

Tootie Moosie


Francisca said:

It Moose be you

Maria José

Maria José said:


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