Introducing Wild Moose Chase + Pattern Sale!

We published a new pattern and this time we did it a little differently! We made up this adorable moose pattern and couldn't come to a name agreement. So, we decided to ask for help! We had so many responses on Instagram, Facebook and here - over 700! It was amazing and a little overwhelming, so we picked our favorite 8 (that weren't trademarked or names of other quilt patterns) and held a little bracket on our Instagram Stories. 

WILD MOOSE CHASE was the winning name!

Wild Moose Chase

For a chuckle, here were some of our favorite clever, funny and just downright silly names that were thrown in the hat:

Moose Mayhem
Moose Mania
Moose Let Loose
Loose Moose Lookout
ExMoose Me
It Moose Be Love
Just Moosin' Around
Moosecheif Makers
A-Moose-ing Avenue
Of Moose & Men
Who Let the Moose Out
Sir Moose-a-lot
Moose Patrol
Loosey Moosey
Moose Caboose
Spruce Moose
Moose Jaw Alley
Moose Drool Drive
Antler Antics
Duece the Moose
Sew Many Moose
Every Mooose You Make
Dazed & Amoosed


Ok, I have to stop! There are just too many!

Wild Moose Chase Sale

To celebrate the outpouring of names and support from everyone, we are offering the Wild Moose Chase PDF pattern at 50% off until tomorrow night. (Sale ends at midnight on 9/7/18) That is only $5! The pattern isn't available anywhere else yet, so grab it now!

Also, small note - the antlers look adorable in Cork Fabric and we just lowered the prices. Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate all your help!



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