Introducing Fremont Circle

Big, bold and beautiful! That is how I would describe the next pattern in our Fall 2021 Pattern Launch, FREMONT CIRCLE. I have had a sketch of a large log cabin style circle quilt in my notebook for a long time and decided it was finally time to see it come to life. I love how both sizes of this quilt turned out and the pops stripes my heart sing!

Fremont Circle Includes

  • Two sizes - Wall Size 40in x 40in and Quilt Size 80in x 80in.
  • Swatch sheets and fabric tags for fabric planning and organizing.
  • A coloring page so you can explore as many different ideas as possible!

Behind the Scenes

Photographing an 80in x 80in quilt can be challenging! Here are a couple snaps from behind the scenes of shooting the cover of Fremont Circle. We added corner pockets to each corner of the quilt and put a thin piece of wood across the quilt from pocket to pocket to allow the quilt to be held straight.

Fremont Circle

The Cover Quilt

We made two versions of Fremont Circle, one wall and one quilt. The cover quilt is the big boy! We pulled fabrics in 6 colors - lime, coral, blue, pink, sky and turquoise, and paired them with a black and white for the accents and put them all on an adorable starry background fabric. I made Kristy stand in the middle of the street to get this fun photo of this giant beauty!

Fremont Circle

Kristy filled the log cabin “circle” with a doodle-style quilting motif in a lime green thread. There are some fun treasures hidden in there, like a dragonfly or two! In the background, she quilted straight lines flaring away from the center. We used the scraps from the fabrics and pieced stripes to create a scrappy binding.

Fremont Circle

The Wall Quilt

It wouldn’t be a Sassafras Lane quilt pattern without a scrappy version! We dug through our scrap bins and pulled a spectrum of fabrics to create this rainbow circle. We used scrappy low volume fabrics for the background and black and white for the accents. Who wouldn’t love a little ball of color?

Fremont Circle

This cute mini was quilted with horizontal straight lines approximately 1/2in apart. We bound this little cutie with more low volume scraps and added in a little bit of the pieced stripes for a little pizazz! 

Fremont Circle

We can’t wait to make more Fremont Circle quilts! I can picture so many different colorings and design options coming to life in this pattern!

If you make Fremont Circle, be sure to share photos on social media so we can see it! Post them to our Facebook Group or use our #sassafraslane hashtag on Instagram!

Stay tuned for more new patterns coming your way this week. Thanks for stopping by!

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