How to Stick with your 2017 Sewing Goals!

We are almost a month into 2017 and I am double checking my Sewing Goals list to evaluate how I am doing. I always start the new year overzealous about what I would like to get done, but this year I am taking a different approach to my sewing time that will allow for a little bit more creativity and fun. I have put together a few tips on how to stick with your 2017 sewing goals, so here we go!


1. Planners

Quilter's Planners seem to be all the rage this year, and I will fully admit, I am using one! I have used physical planners in the past, but usually give up on them in about March. On New Years, I sat down and wrote in all the big deadlines, self proclaimed and industry wise. Now, every Sunday I make myself a cup of tea and write out my goals for the week for everything - and I mean everything - blogging, workouts, sewing, even Taco Tuesdays! Enough about me, but I do think writing out your goals and having a plan, even if it is just a little one, can help you keep your goals. 


2. Make Lists

Much like number one, writing down your to-dos helps a ton! There is something about making a handwritten list that puts your goals in the front of your mind. Plus, crossing things off lists has to be the most satisfying thing the world - am I right? I suggest making a small list each month for what you would like to achieve. And be honest with yourself - if it is a busy month, don't go crazy! I find that having less on my list allows more time for creative, fun, impromptu projects. 

Mini Prism Parkway by Sassafras Lane Designs

3. Scheduling Time

When I really want to get some quality time on a project, I schedule in time. Whether it is a couple hours every day, once or twice a week or an entire day set aside, having designated time allows me to sit and focus. I worked the time into my schedule so I don't feel guilty about all the other things I am not doing, like laundry or dishes! 


4. Block-of-the-Months

BOMs and quilt alongs are great ways to accomplish a little piece of a large projects each month. There are a great abundance of amazing Block-of-the-Months out there, (insert shameless plug here) in fact, we are hosting a Paradox Point QAL right now! For more BOM programs, check out your local quilt store, favorite Instagram accounts and

Quilt-It Modern Blog Tour Projects

5. Social Media

Fair warning, this can also be a bit of a trap! But posting your goals, ideas, progress photos and finished projects on social media sites can keep your sewing mojo going. We are also luckily a part of an amazing crafting community that is very very forgiving if we don't finish or follow through with all of our goals! There are some great hashtags on Instagram where you can share your work with others working on similar things and create a fun community and dialogue. 


6. Remember Why You Sew

This is one I struggle with pretty often. I sew for work, so sometimes I lose my love of it. I have to step back and remember that creating is fun and I truly do love it. If you stuck on a track or project that is becoming less and less fun or your start to dread working on it, there are no rules, drop it! Create, sew, quilt and make things you love because it is a hobby you love. 

Empire Place in Kaffe

7. Stay Inspired 

I have been debating on whether to write an entire post on this topic. Staying inspired can be tough. I find it especially difficult during winter, when I don't get outside as often. But if we aren't feeling inspired, we don't create or we don't enjoy the creation process and neither of those is fun! So, stay inspired - go for a short walk, try a new route home from work, eat at a new restaurant, reread a favorite old book or volunteer at the dog shelter. If you are feeling blocked, get out and do something new for a bit and see what comes to you!

We hope this inspires you to keep energize and we can't wait to see what you all create this year! We have a feeling it is going to be an epically creative year.



Jess said:

I’m a biiiiig list-maker! Crossing things off lists is, without a doubt, the best thing ever. : )


iHanna said:

Love this list of things to do to remember what’s important! And love your photos and the way you style everything.

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