Baby (quilt) Fever - Part 2

Welcome back to our recap on ALL the baby quilts we have made since the beginning of 2023! As I mentioned in our last post, it appears to be baby season in our circle and we are trying to make enough quilts to keep up!

These two quilts were made using our Zootropolis and Zootropolis 2 books. For both quilts, we made 9 churndash pillow blocks from the first Zootropolis book using assorted animals from both books and added their names to a border the width of the quilt. Now, let’s get into the details of each quilt!


Josephine’s Quilt

We made this quilt for the newest addition of our family and boy was it fun! We dug through our animal fabrics and pulled assorted aqua and teal background fabrics for the borders. We paired these with fuchsia pink tone-on-tones for the churndashes and solid aquas for the backgrounds. Next was the fun part - the animals!

Zootropolis Projects

This quilt is chock-full of cute critters! I could never pick favorites but there are a few that catch my eye! Little Miss Smarty-Pants llama is looking ever so wise and adorable in her glasses with her colorful bling. The orangutan carrying a flower in his mouth is also pretty darn sweet, who couldn’t love him? Of course, our scuba-diving shark definitely brings a smile to my face.

Zootropolis Projects

There are so many details in this quilt that just make my heart happy! The little crab hanging off of the “R” in Clair, the minky on the sheep and wolf blocks and the frog hanging out on the end of Josephine, just to name a few. To finish this quilt, Kristy loosely quilted it with a swirl, using a fuzzy blanket as the backing and bound in a perfect teal stripe. Elephants are Josephine’s Mom’s favorite animal, so Kristy reduced the size of the elephant and made the sweetest little label! This adorable quilt now lives in the cutest little nursery!

Zootropolis Projects


Grace’s Quilt

Let the record reflect, I am always late for friend’s baby quilts. Unintentionally. But so far 100% of the time. My best friend since middle school and his wife had their first baby in 2022 and my goal was to make a baby quilt by her first birthday… well, I was a month late. I made another friend a quilt similar to this one back in 2021 and was excited to make another! I chose bright border fabrics in warm colors and matched solid backgrounds to them. Then I chose contrasting cool churndash fabrics and picked animals based on my border fabrics.

Zootropolis Projects

Unintentionally, I ended up with animals all from the first Zootropolis book, except for the mouse I put on top of the pig! It was fun to revisit some of my older critters. They are adorable and still make me smile. I chose a coral fabric for the border background and appliquéd the name in two teal fabrics. There was a little extra room, so I added a little giraffe in between Grace and Gretchen!

Zootropolis Projects

There was enough room on the fuzzy backing Kristy used to quilt the other quilt, so this one was added and quilted at the same time. I bound this quilt in an orange Kaffe Fassett print and love the little bits of other colors that pop out! I had a scrap of a giraffe fabric from JoJo’s quilt that I pieced together with some yellow scraps to make a little corner label.

Zootropolis Projects


And that’s all folks. Just kidding! We have 3 more quilts partially made, waiting for those baby names. I guess Spring is the season of babies… at least in our world! We are also doing some sewing for my next fabric line, Summer Lovin’. Follow us on Instagram to see some sneak peeks!

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