Quilt Market in Houston - Our Booth!

So we are back in Colorado with lots to do and smiles on our faces. Our first Quilt Market could not have gone better! We made lots of contacts, met so many wonderful people and had a blast. Our feet are a little tired, but it was so worth it! I have tons of photos to show you, so I am going to divide them into a few separate posts. Today is all about our booth! Here we are in our booth the day before Market begins:

We drove, so we could take everything we wanted! We took our awesome orange couch, a 2 x 4 cube on wheels to house the patterns, an 8 foot tall quilt ladder, an orange coffee table, a white wood stool and our street light. 

We took at least two versions of all 12 of our patterns. We hung 7 quilts, draped one on the couch and one on the white cubes. We had a few extras we piled onto an orange table from Ikea too! Everything we brought was used as a display!

Our quilt ladder acted as a great display for color-options and our woven Sassafras Lane sign. We even pinned a few extra Cassidy Crossovers purses to the side!

Here is a closeup of the bags we hung on the quilt ladder. The Cassidy Crossover was a hit at Market! We actually sold out of hardware kits and are feverishly filling orders now =]

Our street sign was a fun touch. We purchased a post, stand and sign. We strung an old lamp though the post, added some hooks for bag display and voila! 

Here is another angle on the booth. We kind of smushed the quilts at the top to show as many as we could! I love the quilting you can see in this shot!

Our orange couch was really the star of our booth! In fact, I am going to have an entire blog post with photos of people lounging! Please ignore my shoes hanging out under there!

Well that was our booth! We fit a bunch in our 10' x 10' space. Thanks for stopping by to check out the booth and stay tuned for a bunch more photos from Quilt Market in Houston!


The Green Apricot

The Green Apricot said:

Absolutely fabulous booth- thanks for sharing pics of your adventures at Market!


Melissa said:

I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! In an environment that has the ability to be so overwhelming, I cannot imagine a more exciting as welll as invigorating display! Congratulations girls!


Anne said:

It was so nice to meet both of you at Market. Glad to hear it went well for you. Your booth was just wonderful and the orange couch is fantastic. Since I’m nearby, we’ll have to have coffee sometime.


Mary said:

LUV your booth! Where do you get your quilt hooks?

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