Sewology Sunday - Easy Quilt Label October 13 2013, 11 Comments

Hello lovelies. I know it is pretty late in the day for a Sewology Sunday... Sorry! Better late than never, right? I know I promised a mitered corners tutorial, and I still plan to do one. But I want to have a physical example and with Quilt Market sneaking up, I just can't find the time. So here is tutorial on the world's easiest quilt labels. No hand sewing! None. 

1. You will need some fabric (preferably not too busy of a print), fusible interfacing (to add some stiffness), a Frixion pen and a Sharpie or Micron pen. I am using one of the awesome Rain prints from Timeless Treasures for my example. I usually use a fabric from the front of the quilt if I have scraps. 

2. Cut the one 6 1/2" square from the fabric and fusible interfacing.

3. Iron the fusible interfacing to the backside of the fabric. Fold the piece in half on the diagonal, wrong sides together, and press. 

4. Sew a 1/4" from the fold along the entire edge. 

5. Using your Frixion pen, grid out where you would like to write. I put lines 1/2" from each side, 1 inch from the top and 1/2" down until I run out of room.

6. Practice your writing with the Frixion pen to get an idea of spacing. This is when I find out how inconsistently I write! But, it does help me center things. (a little bit)

7. Using your Micron or Sharpie, write all the text you would like to appear on the label. Good things to include are: Quilt Name, Pattern Name and Designer, Sewer (you!), Quilter, Date Made, and Recipient (if it is for someone). Some people go crazy and include: fabric line, fiber, batting type and thread. Include as much or as little as you would like! (Notice mine is still not centered!)

8. Using a warm iron, remove the Frixion pen.

9. Add it into your binding the bottom corner of your quilt and Voila! With the two raw edges in the binding and the top finished, there is no need to hand sew anything.

Here are few I have made recently for Quilt Market quilts. I shortened Street to St. on one because Bourbon became much fatter than anticipated.

These are about as simple as quilt labels come. Some people get very creative and have fun with them. Have any fun creative ideas for a quilt label you would like to share? We would love to hear it! Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!