Sewology Sunday - Stitch & Flip


Happy Easter / Sewology Sunday Everyone! Today's post is about the Stitch and Flip technique. It is used in lots of projects out there, but most importantly (to us anyways!) it is used in our new bag pattern, the Cooper Carry-All. It is fun, quick, easy and versatile. It can even be used for quilt-as-you-go projects. But that is for another time. Today I am going to show you how to use it for our pattern =]

Step One: Cut your canvas (or heavier weight fabric) to size and gather your strips.


Step Two: Decide on an order for your strips. Tip: This is one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' moments. Make sure all your strips are long enough to cover the canvas. Mine are not =/ I know, I'm bad. I just really wanted to use these Lizzy House fabrics from Andover. 


Step Three: Lay the first strip down on the left side. Baste with a scant 1/4".


Step Four: Layer the second strip onto the first strip, RST. If they are different sizes, which gives it some oomph, line up the right edges.


Step Five: Sew strip two with a 1/4" seam.


Step Six: Iron open strip 2. Press well.


Step Seven: Layer strip 3 onto strip 2, RST. Sew with a 1/4" seam.


Step Eight: Iron strip 3 open.


Tip: When sewing with a lot canvas on the right side, roll it up. This will help it slide through the machine with ease.


Step Nine: Layer, sew and iron open strip 4. 


Step Ten: Repeat this process until the canvas is completely covered. 


Step Eleven: Use Template A to cut out the front and back pockets!

Voila! See how easy and quick that was? Now go make the next pocket! If you make this pattern or any other of our Sassafras Lane Designs patterns, send us an email! ( We would love to feature you and the purse or quilt on here! The Cooper Carry-All bag pattern is available here in PDF form. Thank you for stopping by!



Beverly said:

I have your Mel’s mats pattern. Bought fabric for it.
I noticed you have tutorials and want to know if you have one for Mel’s mats?
Just discovered you and I like what I see.

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