Sewology Sunday - Installing Zippers January 27 2013, 2 Comments

Every Sunday, we are going to post a Sewology article. These articles will cover fun, informative and/or helpful topics in the sewing world. Some will be tutorials (like todays), some will be tips, and others will be what ever we come up with! Here are some of our future post ideas. If you have an idea for us, we would love to have a guest Sewology Sunday blogger!

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  • Stash Busting
  • Sewing Room Organization
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Hopefully we don't run out of ideas! But any who, today's Sewology Sunday is Zipper Installation! I am going to do a little tutorial on how to install zippers quickly, accurately and easily. If you are anything like me, zippers scare you! They scared me for a long time, until my mom (Kristy) came up with this fabulous and simple way to install them. This tutorial is based off of the Cassidy Crossover Purse Pattern instructions and is meant to be a helpful addition for Diagrams 2 and 3. 

Tack the end of the zipper to keep the teeth together.

Center the ends of the zipper into the tab against the fold. Sew SLOWLY along the fold. 
(Don't want to break the needle!)

Iron both sides of the tab open. (Don't melt the zipper teeth. Use a pressing cloth if needed) 
Trim edges even with the zipper.

Lay Zipper right side up on lining fabric against the crease. Baste zipper down using a scant 1/4" seam. (Shown in white chalked lines.) With needle down, move the zipper head out of the way as you come to it.

Enclose zipper into fold and sew with 1/4" seam, again, moving zipper head when needed.

Flip the front and back bag pieces up and press well. 

Edge stitch on the top and bottom of the lining fabric. (Ignore the dust covered foot)

Lay zipper unit on lining fabric fabric against the crease. Baste zipper unit on lining using a scant 1/4" seam. Again, moving zipper head as needed.

Enclose zipper into the fold and sew with a 1/4" seam, again moving zipper head as needed. 
(I'm sure you've got it by now!)

Flip the front and back bag pieces up and press well. Edge stitch on the top and bottom of the lining fabric. Voila!

That is how we put in our zippers so they have no exposed edges. That is all for our Sewology Sunday. Have a fantastic week and see you next Sunday for our Superbowl Sewology Sunday! Hmm football and fabric, could be fun!