Shivaun Place Quilt Pattern

Shivaun Place is a fat-quarter quilt with REALLY BIG BLOCKS! The big blocks make piecing easy and fun. This pattern is also a no-waste pattern! There is a bonus pattern included that uses all the cut-offs. This is fun quilt pattern to use those fun fat-quarters we all have stashed away! Busy prints, solids, batiks or a mixture look fantastic in this pattern. 

Shivaun Place Quilt Pattern by Sassafras Lane Designs

This is our pattern cover quilt! There are also a few fabric kits available for the quilt top! All those gorgeous batiks and solid white! We used a combination of warm and cool fat-quarters for each block, like: blue and yellow, pink and teal, or orange and purple. For this beauty we also tried to combine a printed fabric with a more solid looking fabric. 

Shivaun Place Quilt Pattern by Sassafras Lane Designs

We stuck with a single color combination for the blocks in this quilt: turquoise and purple! We place the blocks on a light grey background with some texture. The white as the accent was a fun twist. I was a little skeptical when the idea came to mind, but LOVE the way it looks now! And check out that green fence... we may have trespassed to get to it, but it is the perfect quilt hanging location!

Shivaun Place Quilt Pattern by Sassafras Lane Designs

This was our test quilt. One of those: 'Well if it doesn't turn out amazing, it is ok' quilts. But every time we get it out, we love it more! The blocks are made out of 'Central Park' fabric by Kate Spain. Fun, bright, busy prints all mixed together on a white background. The blocks pop off of the white solid fabric. This is one bright quilt that may end up on the couch for those chilly summer nights!

We have the pleasure of teaching our patterns as Mystery Classes at our local Quilt Store before selling them as patterns. This is a fun way to see different color combinations and test our patterns for any little typos. Here are some of the marvelous handiwork our amazing students have created.

Shivaun Place Quilt Pattern by Sassafras Lane Designs

Shivaun Place Quilts by Jo Brennan (left) and Annette Matthies (right)

Shivaun Place Quilt by Carol Cook

Aren't those fun?! We teach one every quarter, four a year! We are gearing up for our next one in February. If you make this pattern or any other of our Sassafras Lane Designs patterns, we would love to feature you and the quilt on here!

The Shivaun Place quilt pattern includes four different sizes and is available here in PDF and paper form! Let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for stopping by!



MaryEllen said:

I love all the color ways.

Gitte Hopkins

Gitte Hopkins said:

Love all the quilts, the original one is still my favorite.

Mary Myrup

Mary Myrup said:

I love em all. Would like to buy the pattern. Not pdf way. Let me know. Thanks


maryellen said:

It would be so nice to finish a quilt in a weekend!

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