Hi there! Welcome to Sassafras Lane Designs' Blog. We are Kristy and Shayla, a mother/daughter designing duo out of Colorado. This is where we will personally tell you about our products and how our designs came about. Here are some fun facts to get to know us a little better!

Hi, my name is Kristy!


  • I have my own longarm business, Wolf Creek Quilting, and I quilt all of our quilts here at this new endeavor.
  • I have three awesome children and married my high school sweetheart.
  • I have been quilting forever and teach classes at our local Quilt Store. Our mystery quilt classes are a hit!
  • I love to bike ride and I walk everyday.
  • I love dogs. If I had room, (and a resident scooper), I would have a dozen!

Hello, I am Shayla!

  • I LOVE to travel! My most recent adventure was to Iceland.
  • I always have a camera in my hand or an arms length away.
  • If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, I'd pick Converse! It is a goal of mine to own a pair in every color.
  • I am a recent Architecture School graduate.
  • I collect books (novels and coffee table dwellers) even though I do not have the space for them.
  • I have been quilting since my Grandma taught me when I was 6. (It runs in the family!)
Together we are a team!
  • We are best friends.
  • We feed off of each other's creativity.
  • We love color. Each and every single one, especially orange =]
  • We have an Orange Studio, where we sew, seam rip, collaborate, brainstorm, giggle, draw, work and do squats to stay warm!
  • We have three dogs: Cooper (our 13 year old), Bauer (our big Doof!) and Shelby (our busy herder). They bring us lots of joy!
  • We run on coffee.
Well that is all about us for now! We will get to the good stuff next post... like our quilts and bags! If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to shoot us an email on our contact page. Check back here for tutorials and other fun stuff! Thanks for stopping by!
January 03, 2013 by Shayla Wolf



Mom/mama said:

Love the web site. Good luck! I’m lucky to have such creative women in our family! M

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