5 BRAND NEW Enamel Pins!

The pin collection is growing! We have added 5 BRAND NEW Enamel Pins to the shop and if we are being modest, they are stinkin’ cute! The holidays are coming up and these little collector items make perfect little gifts for any friend, family member or a little something for yourself.

These enamel pins are made with a zinc alloy and have rubber clutches on the backside to keep the pin extra secure. The longer pins have two clutches to prevent the pins from spinning around.


Sip ’N’ Sew Wine Glass Enamel Pin

I am a firm believer in always having something to sip on while sewing, in fact I usually have 2 or 3. One for energy, one for hydration and one for fun - coffee, water and wine are my go-tos!  This enamel pin is for my evening sewing time! We also have a Sip ’N’ Sew Wine Sticker.



Wild Moose Chase Enamel Pin

Our Wild Moose Chase quilt pattern and mini quilt pattern are two of our most popular patterns and this goofy patchwork moose face is why! I turned one moose face into this enamel pin and could not love it more. We used pink and an orangey/red for the face and light brown for the antlers which pop against the black metal!



Sew With Sass Enamel Pin

This adorable pin features our hallmark phrase “Sew with Sass” sitting inside a colorful Carpenter’s Star quilt block. The colors, the phrase, the texture, everything about this enamel pin makes me smile. We also have a coordinating Sew With Sass Star Sticker.



In My Crafty Era Enamel Pin

No matter what other eras you are in right now, all makers are forever in our Crafty Era! This fun enamel pin matches our glittery In My Crafty Era Sticker. Both feature the phrase “In my Crafty Era” with some cute heart shaped scissors on a black shiny metal background.



Quilt Ghost Enamel Pin

Is there anything cuter than a ghost made of a quilt? Maybe an enamel pin of a ghost made of a quilt?! This cute little pin features a ghost with a white quilt with light blue churndash blocks draped over it. We also have this design in a few different colors as Quilt Ghost Stickers!



Collect ALL 9 Enamel Pins

We now have 9 different Enamel Pins and each of them is so cute and full of character! And on top of that we have 31 unique Stickers designs. All of these make great stocking stuffers or little gifts for all the makers in your life!


September 17, 2023 by Shayla Wolf
Tags: enamel pins

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