Brand New Glittery Stickers & Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Who doesn’t love a little glitter? We made some of our favorite quilty phrases into stickers and couldn’t resist adding a little sparkle. Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite!

New Glitter Stickers


Sew with Sass Star Sticker

We’ve plastered the phrase “Sew with Sass” all over our site, t-shirts, packaging and more for the last 10 years, so it felt like it was time to give it it’s moment to shine! This sticker features the glittery words “Sew with Sass” into the center of a patchwork carpenter's star that's filled with 8 different colors rotating around the block in color order, all bordered by a glitter border.

New Glitter Stickers


Not a Hoarder Sticker

In honor of my most favorite Reel I have ever made about being a “Collector collecting collections,” I made a sticker! This sticker features the phrase “I’m not a hoarder, I’m a COLLECTOR” on a black background with a glitter border. It is fun, funny and makes me smile while admiring my fabric collection.

New Glitter Stickers



In My Crafty Era Sticker

I saw something online a while back that said “It’s not a phase, it’s an era.” Combining that mentality with my love of all things crafty, sewing and creating, being in a Crafty Era felt right! Plus, we are a family full of Taylor Swift Fans, so the term Era has become a daily term. This sticker features the phrase “In my Crafty Era” next to some heart-shaped scissors, all surrounded by a glitter border!


Our collection of stickers is growing and I love how they look all piled together. This is how my sewing machine is starting to look. I might have to clean up my studio and do a little photo shoot! 

New Glitter Stickers


We are on the eve of the last glimmer of summer, also known as Labor Day Weekend, and to celebrate we are having a little sale. Use the code SASSY15 to take 15% off everything site wide, including our stickers!


We have been working on a lot of other things over here in SASSland and cannot wait to share them with you! (Summer Lovin’ quilt kits, new enamel pins, new zippers and more!) The end of the year is looking like it is going to be a fun one, so stay tuned!

September 02, 2023 by Shayla Wolf
Tags: Stickers

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