Arcadia Avenue - Find Your Way (block 11)

Another two weeks has flown by and we are onto the 11th block of our 12 block Arcadia Avenue QAL. Can you believe we only have one more block after this? Where has the time gone?! Both of our lives have changed quite a bit since we have started this quilt along. It has been a wild ride and we are loving every second of it!

This is the most "traditional" block in the bunch. I uses quotes because they are still over-sized foundation paper-pieced hexagons - not exactly traditional! The block could be considered a Mariner's Compass style block and that is how it got it's name, Find Your Way. I love this block because the design options are endless! Here are our blocks =]

Shayla's Block:

Arcadia Avenue - Find Your Way (block 11)

Here is my low volume Find Your Way block! It is a little bit lighter than the other blocks, but I think it will still look great mixed in. In the original block, the points created by the light fabric stand out the most. In my block it is the grey and blues that are the stars of the show. I placed 12 different low volumes where the colors go, a white tone-on-tone in the light, the grey tone-on-tone in the dark and the 12 assorted blues in the medium. From a distance all you see in the center star and the diamond floating around the hexagon.

Kristy's Block:

Arcadia Avenue - Find Your Way (block 11)

My batik block follows the original pattern pretty closely this time around! I chose 12 different teal, blue and purple batiks for the colors, the light beige batik for the light and my dark blue-black batiks for the dark. The medium is where I switched things up a bit. I used a swirly dark batik for the medium between the colors and my pop of pink in the center. I love how this block turned out and how the light star catches you eye when you step back.

Shared Block (but really Kristy's second quilt!):

Arcadia Avenue - Find Your Way (block 11)

Next up in our trip through the rainbow was blue. Shay's and my blocks are complete opposites, but they both feature blue! I chose 12 medium blue prints for the colors, place my black in the dark, my black and white hatch in the medium and my solid white as the light. 

Arcadia Avenue - Find Your Way (block 11)

Block 11 Design Options:

Arcadia Avenue - Find Your Way (block 11)

  1. Switch It Up - Reverse the lights and dark placement to make this block have a dark focus star.
  2. Darken It Up - Try placing the dark where the colors are and create colorful funky shaped arrows towards the center.
  3. Less Color - Swap the colors around and place the colors in the dark spots to create a very different look.
  4. B&W Mod - Use 12 different black and white prints with a pop of teal (or your favorite color) for a fun block!
Progress Arcadia Ave.

And this week's winner is.... Wendy Eliza! She shared a photo of all her progress on Flickr. I love the blocks all smushed together like this =]

Now your turn! We want to see how your blocks turn out! We have a Flickr group so you can add your photos there! We will pick one winner with each post for a small giveaway from everyone who participates.

First time here? No problem! Join in the fun. Grab a book here, read up on the previous posts here and begin when it works for you! Be sure to use the #ArcadiaAvenueQAL hashtag on Instagram and Twitter too! Thanks for stopping by!



Susan said:

I love this block! I have made Mariners Compass blocks before , but this is such a great variation. I am only new to your blog, so I am going to spend some more time looking around!

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