Shelby Satchel in Under the Sea

Since we our first Quilt Market, we have been pairing up with Jennifer from Monaluna. We have loved her fabrics since she was designing for larger companies, and now she has her own operation! We made a Shelby Satchel in the gorgeous Under the Sea fabrics to be displayed in the Monaluna Quilt Market booth. The bag finishes 11.5 inches wide, 9 inches tall and 2 inches deep and fits an iPad perfectly. This is one of my favorite versions!

Shelby Satchel in Under the Sea

Under the Sea is full of bright and fun sea-themed novelty prints! The Sea Life print we used for the flap features whales, lobsters, crabs, mermaids, squids, octopi, dolphins and lots of different fish. The octopus is my favorite! We used the lime Kelp Forest for the accent and the Scallop for the bag body.

Shelby Satchel in Under the Sea

I love the combination of limes, aquas, reds, oranges, turquoises and blues! It is the prefect combo and the end result is great!

Shelby Satchel in Under the Sea

Fast Bag Stats:

Shelby Satchel in Under the Sea

You can find the Shelby Satchel bag pattern here in PDF and paper form! If you make this or any other Sassafras Lane projects, we would love to share it - just shoot us an email! Stay tuned more projects and fun stuff! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sewing!



casey said:

instruction on purse handles very, very confusing especially since the shelly does not have hooks
this is my second one and still having problems
please help us out in space
or put instructions in pattern since not everyone has puter


Terri said:

I’m at the point where the instructions say to “(M) Line up bottom of inside pocket right sides together along…” in the “Constructing the Padded Inside Pocket” and it’s very confusing. I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. Is there going to be a raw seam left showing somehow?

Also, the pattern I recently purchased does not list Velcro in the supplies list. So, when it comes time to attach it to the bag, it also does not specify the correct size the horizontal piece should be. Very confusing.

If you can point me to clarifications for this pattern, it would be wonderful.


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