Sewology Sunday - Common Quilt Sizes
Happy Sunday everyone! Finding the perfect size quilt to fit a bed can be tricky. I have compiled a list of average mattress sizes and recommended quilt sizes. I have also added a few additional sizes, such as placemats and table runners. You know, all those things you aren't sure exactly how big is too big!? These are just averages and recommendations, not an exact science! 
If you have any sizes to add or any questions, please comment! Thank you for stopping by! Happy holiday sewing =]


Maria Benjamin

Maria Benjamin said:

I’m a site learner and am wondering if you have a video for the Park Place quilt.

Kelly Bolon

Kelly Bolon said:

I am a newbie to rag quilting and I want to make placemats, what size do I make my squares to have finished square size of 6 inches?

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