Pura Vida Projects

Now that we have seen the Pura Vida fabrics, let’s take a look at the projects we made with them!


Graphic Jam

While we were working on samples of Graphic Jam for the book, my first Pura Vida strike-offs arrived. We were immediately enamored and used them to make a Graphic Jam quilt! It turned out incredible and we found the perfect little tree to take photos of it in!

Graphic Jam in Pura Vida


Zootropolis Pillows

The saturated colors and tropical inspiration of Pura Vida led us directly down the road to making some critters from our Zootropolis book. We made a monkey, toucan and sloth. They are a little busy, but so happy and bright!

Zootropolis in Pura Vida


Parker Pack

We couldn’t resist making a fun Parker Pack with Pura Vida. We used a pink and orange print and pieced them together (directions on this, here) before quilting the bag pieces. We paired the batiks with a pink zipper and lined cork for the straps.

Parker Pack in Pura Vida


Euclid Avenue

One of my favorite quick quilts to make is the Euclid Avenue. I so thoroughly enjoy creating cascades of color across this quilt and couldn’t wait to make one with Pura Vida. I used all 24 colorful fabrics and paired them with the 4 dark fabrics as backgrounds.

Euclid Avenue in Pura Vida


Kingston Court

We made our new Kingston Court pattern with Pura Vida and love how it turned out. We arranged the fabrics in the triangles by groups of color and added a pop of low volume for the accent. This such a quick pattern that packs a big punch especially in these fabrics!

Kingston Court in Pura Vida


Damsel Drive

When making Damsel Drive with Pura Vida fabrics, we had a fun time creating color stories within the vertical ovals. We cascaded the colors away from the centers and used the assorted dark fabrics as the background - this really makes the colors pop!

Damsel Drive in Pura Vida


Jungle Junction

Now this pattern may look familiar! Jungle Junction started as a fabric design in Pura Vida before we turned it into quilt design! We made the blocks using all the colors in the line and the dark fabrics as a scrappy background. Throw in a few grey monstera leaves and voila! 

Jungle Junction in Pura Vida


Cadence Court

Sadly, we didn’t have time to bring this quilt to life, but I absolutely loved the idea of Pura Vida in Cadence Court, so I mocked it up. I think it would be absolutely stunning! Who wants to make one?

Cadence Court in Pura Vida


The Look Book

Like always we made a Look Book for Pura Vida with all the projects and mockups inside. Check it out. I will be sure to share some behind the scenes videos on Instagram. Photographing a tropical themed fabric line during the winter in Seattle in quarantine made things a little challenging! 

Thank you for stopping by! I will be back soon to share my new wide backing design, Head in the Clouds.



Diana said:

I love the Pura Vida fabric. Went to Costa Rica myself 3 years ago, and it was awesome!!!
If i would like to make the Jungle Junction quilt like you did (same size), will a fat eight of each of the 24 colors be enough?

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