New BOOtiful Quilt Ghost Stickers!

Oops I did it again! I made more stickers, this time, little Quilt Ghosts! Remember that trend last year where quilters were taking “ghost” photos for Instagram by putting quilts over their heads and throwing on some sunglasses? Well I loved the idea of depicting ghosts made of quilts - such a cute idea, right?

Quilt Ghost Stickers

It took me awhile to decide what quilt pattern would look good and not be too busy in a draping “ghost-style.” I finally chose one of my favorite traditional quilt blocks, the churndash! Then to my next dilemma… color! I kept all the ghosts white with 5 different color ways of churndash blocks. Each color of ghost also has a different set of eyes, so no two are the same!

Quilt Ghost Stickers


  • Available in 5 Colors or as a Set
  • Made of Thick Durable Vinyl with a Laminate Coating
  • Resistant to Fading, Scratching and Water
  • Stickers measures 2.85in wide x 3in tall
  • Original designs by me, Shayla Wolf!

Quilt Ghost Stickers

These sweet little ghosts are the perfect little Fall treat. They combine my love of quilting and my favorite season. Grab a set of all 5 for a discount, or pick your favorite color! Also…. Stay tuned for some new enamel pins coming very very soon, one of which is a quilt ghost!

August 23, 2023 by Shayla Wolf
Tags: Stickers

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