Introducing the JoJo on the Go!

To say we have been planning this bag for years, would not be an understatement. Kristy has always wanted to add a big bag to our collection, and I am always on the hunt for a perfect travel bag. We finally incorporated all our wishlists into this perfect duffle-style bag and named if after the newest member of our family, JoJo. It is finally time to introduce the JoJo on the Go!


About the JoJo on the Go

  • Finishes 22in wide, 12in tall and 10in deep, big enough for any adventure!
  • Features a top zipper closure with 2 pulls for easy access and packing.
  • So MANY Pockets
    • 2 side pockets
    • 2 side zipper pockets
    • 1 zipper end pocket
    • 1 scrunch end pocket
    • 2 inside zipper pockets
  • Convertible Pass-through Trolley Pocket on the side so it can sit on luggage perfect!
  • Can be held by the handles, thrown over your shoulder or pushed around on a suitcase!
  • Looks fantastic in cork, vinyl, cotton and canvas fabrics!
  • JoJo on the Go Hardware Kits Available!
  • Optional: Foam InterfacingWonder Tape, Zipper Tape, Zipper Pulls and Rivets

This bag has so many features we had to make a diagram to keep it all straight!

JoJo on the Go


Quilting the JoJo on the Go

Quilted bags have been in style not only in our fun crafty community but even in high fashion. We made the JoJo on the Go in as many different types materials as we could to test it out, and we quilted them all! Pieced cotton, cork, vinyl and canvas all quilted up beautiful and give this duffle bag a beautiful texture. We used foam interfacing for most of our bags and love the structure it gives the JoJo without adding too much weight. Most of our bags we quilted with horizontal straight lines approximately 3/4in apart, but on the cover bag, Kristy worked her magic and quilted her doodle style quilting all over it!

JoJo on the Go


The Cover JoJo on the Go

I am not going to lie, cutting up a quilt top to make a bag, hurt my heart a little bit, but the finished results made it completely worth it! I chose to make our Darby Road quilt pattern because it had a repeating pattern that I thought would translate well into a bag. I made blocks in varying colors with an accent of a black and white print and arranged them in color order. I cut the JoJo on the Go bag pieces so the colors gradate over the bag and meet at the top zipper.

JoJo on the Go

I paired this busy bag body with our Black with Glitz cork for the accent, our Black and White Stripe Zipper on the top and sides and Pink and Blue Stripe Zipper on each end that they coordinate with. We also had a fun 2in wide black and white jacquard webbing we used for the handle.

JoJo on the Go


The Cork JoJo on the Go

An all cork JoJo on the Go? Say less! We love the extra structure cork adds to any bag and the JoJo was no exception! I was a little hesitant when Kristy showed me the color combo she pulled for this sample but it has quickly become one of my favorite bags! She grabbed the Light Brown Cork for the body, Mustard Cork for the side pockets and Dark Brown Vinyl for the accent.

JoJo on the Go

This color combo is stunning and miraculously paired perfectly with a 2in wide floral webbing we found. We used this for the Shoulder Strap and some Black Zipper Tape with Rainbow teeth with Iridescent Zipper Pulls for a subtle addition of color!

JoJo on the Go


Summer Lovin’ JoJo on the Go

This was one of the first samples we made, so you might notice a few little differences, like the hardware tabs on the Bag ends that we changed to make the Shoulder Strap more secure! Other than that, this bag was too pretty not to share! I might be a little biased because it is made with Summer Lovin’ canvas fabric that is coming so soon. This fabric has almost every color in it, so we paired it with a Black Cork for the accent. We threw in a Black Zipper with Iridescent teeth and Iridescent pulls for a little bling!

JoJo on the Go

JoJo on the Go

I took this JoJo on the Go with me to Hawaii this past Spring and got some fun photos are the Honolulu airport!

JoJo on the Go

JoJo on the Go

JoJo on the Go


JoJo on the Go Sew Along

We don’t have this scheduled yet, but are making the plans right now! This bag has lots of steps - nothing difficult. But, some areas do get a little thick and one area was a little tricky to diagram, so we thought a sew along would be helpful! It most likely will just be a series of YouTube videos of each step to help give you a visual. So, stay tuned for that! Until then, if you get started and have any questions, please feel free to send us email.

JoJo on the Go


If you make the JoJo on the Go, be sure to share photos on social media so we can see it! Post them to our Facebook Group or use our #sassafraslane hashtag on Instagram!

We have one more bag pattern coming this season, our SweetPea Sling! It will be out Friday -  woohoo! Come back for the pattern and hardware launch, plus a little sale.


Alicia Key

Alicia Key said:

OMG!!! I LOVE that Summer Lovin’ canvas fabric. Plz let me know when I can get some!

Kim M

Kim M said:

I really like the bag with the bright colours and a hint of black throughout. I’ll be using that idea with my bag while I sew blocks together to create the sizes needed. The blocks are from a group on, affiliated with The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

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