MORE Sassafras Squad STICKERS!

I couldn’t help myself! I designed a bunch of new stickers while in Hawaii helping my partner recover from knee surgery. I had lots of down time, endless tv shows and too many ideas! I was having so much fun, I kept waking up in the middle of the night to jot down another idea or small edit to a current doodle.



I am OBSESSED with how they all look together! This definitely feels like my new obsession! Comment below what you would like to see in sticker or enamel pin form.

  • Made of Thick Durable Vinyl with a Laminate Coating
  • Resistant to Fading, Scratching and Water
  • All original designs by me, Shayla Wolf!

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Diamond Alley Sasquatch Quilt Sticker

If you have received a package from us in the last few years, you are familiar with our “Sass”squatch holding up a quilt. I decided he needed a little update in our new current style. Same silly Sasquatch, but with a little more color and pizzazz. This sticker features a cute Sasquatch holding up a Diamond Alley quilt featuring colorful diamonds cascading across the quilt.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Sip ’N’ Sew Wine Sticker

In our original batch of stickers, we had a “Sip ’N’ Sew Mug Sticker” and lots of people asked for a wine glass. It just so happened that I had a sketch of a wine glass and drew it up super quickly! This Sticker features a glass of red wine with a banner wrapped around the stem featuring the phrase “Sip ’N’ Sew.” This is personally my favorite way to sew!

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Lexington Lane Quilt Sticker

One of the quilts we are remaking in the Summer Lovin’ fabric line is Lexington Lane and this sticker is a fun digital version of the actual quilt! The Lexington Lane Sticker is my drawing of our Lexington Lane quilt being held by a blonde girl with a milkmaid braid and bright green sneakers.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Dogs & Mini Quilt Stickers

One of the ideas I woke up thinking about was a dog holding a mini quilt or quilt block in it’s mouth. This idea stemmed from little Miss Elsie trying to run off with an Arcadia Avenue block when she was a puppy. (There might have to be a white pup with two different colored eyes holding an Arcadia Avenue block in the future!)



Dog & Mini Churndash Court Quilt Sticker

The Dog & Mini Churndash Court Quilt Sticker features a drawing of a pup I loosely modeled after a Great Bernese dog holding our Mini Churndash Court quilt. I love the contrast of the darker pup with this bright rainbow quilt.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Dog & Mini Darby Road Quilt Sticker

The Dog & Mini Darby Road Quilt Sticker features a drawing of a Golden Retriever holding our Mini Darby Road quilt. This happy puppy looks so proud sitting there with a fun hexagon quilt in his mouth! If I do say so myself, these two pups turned out pretty cute!

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Fremont Circle Quilt Sticker

One of my favorite photos I have taken in recent years is our Fremont Circle cover photo. Kristy is holding up the quilt in the center of the road in rain boots. So, I remade that image into the Fremont Circle Quilt Sticker! It features a red head with space buns who is rocking Chelsea boots and holding up this fun modern take on a log cabin quilt.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Focus Freeway Camera Sticker

Calling all photography lovers! Turning our Mini Focus Freeway quilt pattern into a sticker was an absolute no-brainer. This sticker features a cute camera with a strip-pieced rainbow aperture featuring every color under the sun! We hope quilters and photography dabblers will both love this Focus Freeway Camera Sticker.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Wynkoop Court Quilt Sticker

We remade our popular Wynkoop Court quilt pattern a few years back and it is one of my FAVORITE quilts ever! I decided it would be a fabulous sticker and colored it similarly to the quilt. The Wynkoop Court Quilt Sticker features a beautiful woman with curly grey hair and red heeled boots holding a modern triangle quilt.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Plan, Cut, Sew Sticker

Our most asked about project at retail shows is our Express Yourself Way pattern featuring the phrase “Plan, Cut, Sew, Iron, Quilt, Bind, Love, Repeat.” I love word stickers, so I made this same collection of words into our Plan, Cut, Sew Sticker. I chose 8 different colors to feature and love how it turned out with the offset outline.

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Dazy Daisy Drive Quilt Sticker

Making a sticker of our newest pattern, Dazy Daisy Drive, was so much fun! I colored the sticker similar to the cover quilt and drew a woman with black black hair and purple wedges holding it. I love how happy and bright the Dazy Daisy Drive Sticker turned out!

Sassafras Squad Stickers


Happy Highway Rainbow Sticker

What could be happier than a patchwork rainbow stuck to something you see everyday? I modeled this sticker after our Happy Highway quilt pattern and the patchwork rainbow sitting on two clouds makes me smile. I hope you love our Happy Highway Rainbow Sticker too!

Sassafras Squad Stickers


I also printed a Summer Lovin’ sticker that we will be giving out with every pre-order of Summer Lovin’, so stay tuned for more information on that as the fabric arrival date gets closer!

June 23, 2023 by Shayla Wolf
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