Mini Mondays - Mini Privet Drive

This week in our Mini Monday Series is our Mini Privet Drive pattern!

Mini Privet Drive is the miniature version of our fabulous Privet Drive quilt pattern. Both patterns will be 20% off today and tomorrow (4/30/18 - 5/1/18 PST). Now let's chat about Mini Privet Drive

How Mini Is This Mini?

The Mini Privet Drive finishes 12.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches tall. We made the blocks to be about half the size of the original Privet Drive quilt pattern.

Choosing Fabric

The Mini Privet Drive is a fun pattern that looks great in all sorts of colorings! We have made this pattern in rainbow, featuring a specific color scheme and in black and white fabrics. The blocks use very small pieces, so dig into those scrap bins or grab a charm pack. The background in this one allows for some experimenting - you could use a dark, light, or a bold color!

Techniques & Skills

This mini is completely paper-pieced! There is only one block that gets rotated to create a fun illusion! If you stare long enough at these quilts the background or the focus fabrics start to jump out at you.

Inspiration Gallery

Mini Privet Parkway is fun to make and learn paper-piecing with! We have a few different samples that all take on a different look! Check them out.

Mini Privet Drive

Mini Privet Drive

Our cover Mini Privet Drive is rainbow - go figure! We dug into our scrap bin and chose 35 different colored fabrics that we then arranged in rainbow order from a lime green to yellow across the quilt diagonally.

Mini Privet Drive

Mini Privet Drive

This next mini quilt features a fun black and white fabric line from Dear Stella fabrics! We used 11 black and white prints and arranged the fabrics in diagonal rows with a ditsy turquoise heart print as the background.

Mini Privet Drive

Mini Privet Drive

And last but not least is this fun pink version! We used assorted pink prints on a solid white background and arranged the blocks from light to dark across the quilt to create a fun light gradation.

Share Your Mini Privet Drive Quilt!

We hope this inspires you to tackle a Mini Privet Drive quilt of your own! If you do, be sure to share photos on social media so we can see it! Post them to our Facebook Group or use our #sassafraslane hashtag on Instagram!

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