Mini Mondays - Mini Euclid Avenue

This week in our Mini Monday Series is our Mini Euclid Avenue pattern!

Mini Euclid Avenue is the miniature version of our fun Euclid Avenue quilt pattern. Both patterns will be 20% off today and tomorrow (1/5/18 - 1/6/18 PST). Now let's chat about Mini Euclid Avenue

How Mini Is This Mini?

We took our Grande size of our original Euclid Avenue pattern and downsized it to make a mini quilt that finishes 10.5” x 13.5”. This guy is a little smaller than our other rectangular mini quilts, but the block sizes really worked at this scale and it looks adorable!

Choosing Fabric

The Mini Euclid Avenue pattern calls for 8 different fabrics to make a version like the cover. We just revamped the original Euclid Avenue to include a background (we were inspired by one the minis we made and it is pictured below!) and encourage you to make the mini either way! If you make it with a background, you will need assorted scraps for the colors and and 1/2 yard of background. This quilt takes on so many different looks! You can create waves of color or mirrored rows with 8 different colors. We do recommend using solids or very subtle prints. Large intricate prints get chopped up into small pieces and get lost, so save ‘em!

Techniques & Skills

Thinking those pieces are way too tiny to piece? Well how about foundation paper-piecing! Each block seam nestles, so the blocks fit together perfectly. A little bit of starch on the fabric before sewing, will also allow you to remove the paper before sewing the blocks together, eliminating that annoying step of pulling paper out of itty bitty seams! This is definitely our most “fussy” mini pattern just because of how many pieces there are and the scale, but with a little patience, this will definitely turn out to be one of your favorites! It is worth the challenge!

Inspiration Gallery

These minis are a little more time intense, so we haven’t made as many as some of the other patterns. But there is something so satisfying about finishing this guy!

Mini Euclid Avenue

I have pulled fabric for another one that will match the new big Euclid Avenue cover quilt. I can't wait to get sewing! 

Mini Euclid Avenue

Mini Euclid Avenue

This quilt was modeled after the original Euclid Avenue cover and features 8 different fabrics that coordinate and mirror one another throughout the quilt.

Mini Euclid Avenue

Mini Euclid Avenue

This version shows what this looks like with a background. Three different blue fabrics paired with a white background create waves in this mini.

Mini Euclid Avenue

Mini Euclid Avenue

This last quilt features 2 grey fabrics, 2 orange fabrics, 2 yellow prints and 2 blue fabrics. I love how this one looks completely different than the other two!

Share Your Mini Euclid Avenue Quilt!

We hope this inspires you to tackle a Mini Euclid Avenue quilt of your own! If you do, be sure to share photos on social media so we can see it! Post them to our Facebook Group or use our #sassafraslane hashtag on Instagram!

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